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aerospace, defense and security 

Within the strategy of business diversification of everis group, Aerospace, Defense and Security is a division that provides solutions for critical systems in aerospace, space, defense, security and emergency sectors. Our solutions are based on engineering developments and proprietary and third party products, mainly with Spanish technology.

We´d established ourselves as the umbrella that integrates the latest technology developed by Spanish SMEs under a partnership model in which participants will complement each other and enclose the SMEs with capabilities which are usually not available for them. This allows us to integrate innovative and reliable technologies, either developed by us or companies with which we have close ties. In this way, we leverage innovation, flexibility and speed of our processes in SMEs R & D + i.

Additionally our solutions integrate the most advanced technologies currently being developed by global technology leaders in the sector, and we became the guarantor of its technology transfer to Spain.

Similarly, we are a company that exports technology developed in Spain to the international market. Ultimately, our commitment is to be a leader in Aerospace markets.


 Service Lines

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 
- Terrestrial systems.
- NRBQ / CBRN defense systems.
- Emergency management.
- Critical infrastructure protection.
- Border surveillance and control.
- Surveillance and security systems.
- Intelligence systems.
- Information and communication systems.



  • Aerospace

    - Flight management systems (FCS, FMS) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).
    - Design and manufacture of Unmanned Aerial Targets (UAT).
    - Certification of systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

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  • Defense

    - Defense systems.
    - Special vehicles.
    - Training systems.
    - Tactical satellite communications.

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  • Security

    - Image and audio analysis (biometrics, behavior analysis, intelligent video analysis).
    - Command and control systems.
    - Intelligence systems.
    - Cyber security.

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