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"We offer competitive solutions for the airline industry".

The tremendous increase in demand experienced by the airline industry in the last few years, along with mobility requirements, have been accompanied by a greater demand for lower prices. This situation has been brought on by the current global economic situation and has come into existence regardless of the levels of service and/or quality offered and/or provided to passengers.

The advent of the Low Cost model - which is characterized by differentiating elements such as the elimination of service extras, the existence of secondary airports, fleet homogenization and optimization, the vastly extended use of on-line marketing techniques, (which is detrimental to off-line marketing efforts), and/or the optimization of corporate structures – is causing a significant shift in the airline industry.

This new reality has been demonstrated by the ever more frequent moves made within the sector itself; the mergers and alliances between air transport companies and a general increase in the level of competition (etc.). As a result, a new business reality, in which management optimization and efficiency play a vital role, has come on-line. At everis, we are well aware of this reality and its ramifications and we offer our clients the solutions required by the airline industry in the face of the significant changes that are occurring.



  • Corporate Strategy

    This service is based on the definition of air route segmentation models, the development and implementation of cost reduction plans, due-diligence and accompanying clients as they go through the airline merger process. The corporate strategy is to develop secondary market penetration analysis models and analyze the European air travel market as well as the low cost airline model.

  • Finance / Management Control / Budget

    This service includes the execution of business plans and budget management models, the development and implementation of financial reporting models, the development of sales forecasting models, hedging models and budget forecasting models (etc.)

  • Purchasing

    This service includes the development and implementation of a centralized purchasing model and purchase savings initiatives (an analysis of the supplier market and bidding and negotiation processes), the auditing and identification of fuel purchasing process improvement initiatives and the design of a supplier invoice supervision and control model (etc.).

  • Fraud

    The goal of this service is to develop and implement a fraud prevention model and optimize the company scoring model (etc.).

  • IT

    This service includes the development and implementation of a systems plan, the analysis and optimization of reporting systems, cost auditing, the identification and the development and implementation of IT cost optimization initiatives (etc.).


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