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"The most important challenge we face is to provide efficient solutions that offer real world results for our clients. Our strength lies in our experience, capability and commitment to face up to important challenges in fine form".

everis banking is a leader in financial service consulting that deals with two geographic regions that are currently facing uncertain realities.

On the one hand, our role is to assist European financial institutions (especially those located in Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK and Belgium) in their efforts to deal with the requirements dictated by a volatile market, such as a shortage of financing, notable drops in profit margins, pressure for asset based results and an increase in clients constrained by their arrears.
Our challenge, and our strength, lies in effective solutions that demonstrate our commitment to and understanding of the situation at hand. Thus, we have undertaken to develop projects in the efficiency, risk management, channels, customer strategy and management, application of global standards and integrated recovery and recoupment management processes environments.

In the Latin American marketplace, everis has consolidated its presence in Brazil, Chile and Mexico. The Company is also involved in important projects in Argentina, Colombia and Peru. everis banking is assisting its Latin American clients with the execution of the complex technological infrastructure modernization processes they require in order to continue growing their client portfolios. Furthermore, we are successfully applying client management techniques that are allowing Latin America to edge ever closer to being able to offer truly personalized banking services.

everis banking has broad experience dealing with financial institution integration processes. We have worked in both operational as well as technological environments and have an extended background in the recovery and recoupment management model development and implementation area. All this has allowed everis to work closely with financial institutions across the globe during execution of these adaptation and transformation processes.



  • Commercial and marketing

    In commercial and marketing we offer services designed to improve various aspects of financial institution client management: advanced commercial models, commercial process opimization, tool development, suite and company management implementation and improving the management of a variety of existing channels.

  • Core banking

    We make the best system renovation alternatives available to financial institutions and work with the client on selecting the most appropriate solutions. Our capabilities include requirement development, software reengineering, commercial software package integration, etc.

  • Government, risks and compliance with norms and standards

    We offer specialized services and advice financial institutions with regard to the definition of their risk model pursuant to Basilea III standard requirements. We help our clients move towards a comprehensive management model that is focused on strategic, operational, technological and organizational aspects. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in this area we are also able to offer our clients standards and regulation as well as institution internal and external operational policy related services. Under these activities everis has a service consisting of a set of tools called everis operational, designed to manage and quantify the operative risk using AMA (Advanced Measurement Estimation / Approximation).

  • Markets

    Our markets business line offers a wide range of capital market services for both retail and wholesale environments. Our capabilities allow us to offer solutions for all of the requirements of this strategic business area. We work with our clients on solution definition, evolution and implementation in the operational, strategic and technological environments.

  • Management information systems

    This line of service was developed based on a necessity to offer our clients a services catalogue that is designed to effectively address the current demand for specialization, both for banking business intelligence services (analytical, management control and accounting analytical systems) and the appropiate profiles required for the conceptual definition, development and implementation of solutions.

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