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As their populations age, the social cost of healthcare services in developed countries has increased. This has placed greater pressure on the public treasury. Thus, governments have decided to prioritize the use of generic drugs and the progressive reduction of the reference prices paid to laboratories. Simultaneously, the expiration of patents and the difficulty in renewing the pipeline, due to increasing costs and a reduction in R+D efficiency, have become significant factors for determining business value by pharmaceutical companies over the medium term. This reality has forced pharmaceutical companies to seek out alternatives such as licensing, co-marketing and direct distribution in order to maintain adequate operating margins.

Furthermore, the emerging biotech sector has come on-line as a rapid and promising source of new drugs and treatments that are especially designed to treat less prominent illnesses. Marketing activities, however, are not as efficient as they used to be. This due to both the growing number of visiting doctors that are providing customer service to healthcare professionals and the availability of scientific information using other channels – such as Internet - that are available to both patients and medical professionals. Other pharmaceutical market segments need their marketing efforts to be carried out using over-the-counter (OTC) type commercial networks



  • Customer Service

    This includes the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions in order to enable the development of long-term relationships between the pharmaceutical sales staff and medical professionals; thus exchanging client satisfaction for client loyalty.

  • Business intelligence for pharma

    This includes the definition and implementation of business intelligence solutions that have been specifically designed for the commercial management of pharmaceutical laboratories. These initiatives include: IMS external panel sales analysis, external and internal sales integration, commercial activity reporting, investment return analysis and incentives, by sales territory.

  • Commercial incentives and networks

    The goal of this service is to develop a commercial network management model that includes the implementation of initiatives ranging from model, human resource processes, commercial management processes and commercial incentives model definition to budget preparation using tools specifically designed for use by the pharmaceutical sector.

  • Document management systems

    The goal of this service is the implementation of document management solutions that allow for the automation and auditing of the generation of regulated and non-regulated documents including: eCTD electronic production batch records and regulatory compliance with strict GXP sector documentation requirements.

  • Pharma fidelity on-line strategy. e-marketing strategy

    The goal of this service is to help pharmaceutical companies define their client attraction and loyalty strategies by means of the extensive use of on-line channels. In order to assist this strategy, support technologies are developed and implemented. These include customer loyalty and medical community portals along with marketing e-mail tools (etc.).


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