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"Our mission is to improve the business processes used by our clients, thus assuring their success".

The Mass Market department helps you to innovate in products and services; we seek efficiency of production processes and modernize the commercial network. Also, we identified areas for improvement of the logistic value chain; we optimize the supporting processes of human resources, administration and finance, management control, among others, and build solutions for online sales and store.

The goal of the everis mass consumption department is to develop the most appropriate technological solutions for our clients. This can be accomplished using the implementation of packaged and parameterized software or the development of “in-house” functional solutions designed especially for use in the mass consumption sector. We help clients innovate the products and services they offer, achieve productive process efficiency and modernize their commercial network. Furthermore, we have the capability to identify logistics value chain areas in need of improvement, optimize human resource, administrative, financial and / or control management processes and develop and implement on-line and in-store sales solutions. The solutions developed and implemented by the everis Mass Consumption department are designed for the following three types of usage:

Commercial: Our goal is to improve sales efficiency using improved commercial, organizational and process information management.

Operations: We have the capability to detect manufacturing and logistics procedural areas in need of improvement.

Client: we develop and implement new high impact client relationship solutions such as the deployment of on-line wholesale and retail outlets and/or point of sale solutions.

And we are able to build the most appropriate technological solutions when necessary, whether through the implementation of packaged and customizable software or through the construction of sector-based functional solutions.



  • Commercial

    This service is based on the segmentation of sales channels, sales force automation, promotional and sales campaign management and the suggested invoice.

  • Operations

    The goal of the everis operations service is to assist clients in their efforts to improve their capability to manage production planning, transportation optimization, operational efficiency and integrated logistics.

  • Client relationships

    The everis client relationship service is based on the development of the on-line and virtual store channel, the development of TPV and point of sale solutions, mobility, distribution and collection.


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