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“Within the health sector, and its urgent transformation, you need the support of companies specialized in consulting services to help manage innovation and change”.

everis has been active within the health and social services field for more than ten years. During this time, it has delivered projects and services for notable customers within both the public and private sectors worldwide.

everis health is a unit developed within everis to assist the health and social care sector; it is a strategic everis initiative  with the vocation of leading the transformation of the sector, facing up to new health challenges in specific ways, on the basis of in-house knowledge and investment in the creation of new knowledge, services and assets.

The mission of everis health is to offer integral solutions and services to allow organizations to transform themselves to generate value for citizens and provide higher quality, more efficient and better-managed services.

To find out more, you can download the following information document on the everis health unit.



  • Specialized Healthcare Service Line

    This is geared towards public and private healthcare organizations, hospitals and specialist centers, where assistance, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and care activities are performed, and which have the most complex and costly resources within the healthcare system. More info.

  • Primary Care Service Line

    This aims to optimize the primary care and family medicine services at the core of any public or private healthcare system, including operational, organizational and technological aspects, by supporting the implementation of assistance programs and care and prevention policies for the population served by the use of that technology. More info.

  • Diagnostic Support Services service line

    This is geared towards providers of diagnostic services for laboratory tests and medical and pharmacological imaging examinations, with the most complex resources within the healthcare system. More info.

  • Emergency, Security and Public Safety Service Line

    This targets both the bodies responsible for the coordination and management of emergencies and the operational services responsible for intervention and resolution. More info.

  • Interoperability Service Line

    The objective of this line is to help healthcare organizations to provide innovative and outstanding interoperability solutions that are easy to implement. More info.

  • Policy, Healthcare Planning and Public Health service line

    This line aims to help public and private healthcare organizations to develop strategic activities relating to planning and healthcare management and services regulation, as well as monitoring health and the quality of care offered. More info.

  • Public health service line

    This targets both the authorities responsible for management and provision, as well as the private institutions responsible for providing certain services. The catalog of services offered is tailored to the needs of each organization. More info.

  • Financial Sustainability service line

    This line aims to help public and private health organizations become sustainable through a series of specific initiatives, limited to short-term scope and results. More info.

  • Service line for New Care Models

    This line aims to help public and private healthcare organizations to develop, optimize and innovate their current delivery models through the definition, implementation and operation of new services based on the use of technology, paying particular attention to change management and continuous improvement. More info.


  • Alliances




    Vademecum International

  • Assets

    ehCOS, an innovative process-oriented technology platform that is changing the way of building business solutions for the health sector More information

  • Innovation

    Thanks to the latest technologies innovated projects, solutions, systems, applications, platforms... More information

  • News

    Vademecun International and everis health partner to deliver drug information to health professionals in Spain and Latin America More information

    An everis solution helps the Andalucian Health Service (Servicio Andaluz de Salud, SAS) to integrate all digital patient information More information

  • Articles

    Innovation in health processes Download

Success Stories

  • Orion Clínic for the Valencian Health Agency

    Information Systems for specialized care management More information

  • Primary Care Deployment Office in Madrid

    The technical transformation of primary care More information

  • The Ministry of Governance and Justice of Andalusia

    Intelligent support for emergency services More information

  • Andalusian Health Service

    Andalusia Health Service Interoperability Platform More information

  • Shared Medical Record of Catalonia

    A patient’s medical records at just one click More information

  • Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya

    Comprehensive Healthcare Information System (in Spanish, SIIS) More information

  • The Canary Health Service

    New innovative telemedicine services More information

  • The Valencia Health Agency, the Canary Health Service and the Asturias Central University Hospital (HUCA)

    Optimization of income flow from third parties More information

  • Fleni Foundation

    Knowledge management and increased clinical care efficiency More information

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