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“The changing economic landscape, an aging population and new consumption habits are causing a significant shift in the insurance sector. everis is assisting important insurance companies with this transformation process”.

The changing economic landscape, an aging population, new consumption habits and societal behavioral patterns, technological innovations and new regulatory frameworks (cf. Solvency II) will oblige the insurance sector to undertake strenuous transformation efforts in the coming years. New business models, new competitors and the rise of alternative channels are forcing insurers to sharply modify their technological platforms by adapting them to a client based focus and the new multi-channel reality. Due to client demands and an ever increasing level of competition, insurers must develop products and services offering added value that are better aligned with specific client needs.

At everis, our goal is to assist insurers with the execution of these change processes by offering innovative strategies as well as more flexible organizations and processes that are designed to meet marketplace requirements. everis also offers technologies that can be effectively adapted to this changing environment. We are the high complexity strategic, organizational, operational and technological renovation project leaders in the geographic areas in which we operate.



  • Client management

    This includes client management optimization and improvement services. These services are designed both for business development - using data mining techniques and preferred / recommended and client value models - as well as client service process efficiency - which requires unified management within multi-channel environments and follow-up using service differentiation and personalized insurance.

  • General insurance

    These services range from business strategy and comprehensive product life-cycle definition – including the design and implementation of paremeterizable multi-sector product workshops – to accident management, multi-sector subscription process comprehensive coverage and client portfolio and outside human resource management.

  • Management control

    We design and implement efficient management models that are aligned with company strategy and execute staff definition by optimizing, merging and integrating the management indicators used by differing sectors and organizations. We also work with reporting and corporate analysis requirements using Datamart and Datawarehouse construction, budget forecast services, the implementation of non-economic indicators - such as medical situation indicators - and we provide comprehensive budget management solutions that include information systems.

  • Organizational and operational efficiency

    This includes the definition of new organizational and operational models that allow for aligning both the organization and operation with a business strategy that features an optimized cost structure.

  • Health and hospital management

    These services range from strategy planning, hospital management model improvement and the assistential expense optimization to start-up strategies for new players and the launching of new business units.

  • Life insurance

    This is a life insurance business integration model for a multi-sector company that is used to define strategic business lines, the organizational model and the relationship with other business areas. Here, we also develop and implement cutting-edge individual and group life insurance business technological platforms.

  • Banking insurance

    This includes defining the banking-insurance distribution strategy by considering the elements involved: pure distribution (bank commercial network), products (strategic marketing in order to determine the product offering) and insurers (whether in-house of third party).

  • Risk management

    Risk management and the calculation of capital requirements (especially Solvency II implementation) have become among the most critical processes for insurance companies.

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