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Even though Spain out-produced France, and was second only to Germany, with regard to the number of vehicles manufactured in Europe in 2009, the corresponding numbers continue to remain far below the quantity of motor vehicles produced by the country prior to the advent of the current crisis. Furthermore, the economic recession has caused a reduction in the number of contract bidding processes. It has also brought about the cancellation or suspension of deals already signed. Thus, consumer goods companies have been forced to implement drastic operational adjustments.

As a result, everis has been assisting our customers in their efforts to recover lost value from both a business as well as information technology application point of view. We help clients improve process efficiency and customer relations and analyze the real profitability generated by both clients and products in order to enable the development of both internal and external collaborative environments. In order to achieve these objectives we also assist clients in their efforts to outsource non-strategic functions.



  • Operational excellence

    This service is designed to optimize all operational phases; integrated planning, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and stocks and warehouse management. In order to provide operational service excellence, we implement specific initiatives using not just a variety of tools (Lean Six, Sigma, VSP, SMED, TPM...) but also by means of the implementation of a continuous improvements culture within the organization itself.

  • Plant control systems

    In order to maintain a competitive presence and improve plant productivity within an ever more demanding environment that also includes increased levels of competition, everis offers its clients the chance to use MES systems. These systems allow organizations to move from a non-integrated scenario to a reality that includes overall integration and the chance to implement adaptive manufacturing type production.

  • Product costing

    This service includes the development and implementation of cost models designed to improve real manufacturing cost management and control by product or related aggregates using reliable information that enables control activities and the decision making process.

  • Customer relationship management

    This service includes the definition and implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions that enable the development of long-term relationships with clients and assist organizations in being able to exchange client satisfaction for customer loyalty. For the automobile manufacturing sector, everis offers a complete importation and dealership analysis methodology that is designed to guarantee that the conceptual CRM model is capable of 100 % compliance with the necessities of both the brand name and the network.

  • Guarantee management

    This focus of this service is based on reducing guarantee costs, controlling guarantee payment means and disbursements by repaired unit for authorized services.

  • Human resources management

    This service is designed for use by large corporations. It begins with the standardization of entrepreneurial services and is complemented by other initiatives such as corporate development, professional and personal development, communication channel and payroll management (etc.)


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