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“At everis we help mining companies face up to and overcome the challenges posed by the highly complex environment in which they work.”

The mining sector is a highly complex and continuously developing environment in which competiveness, business dynamism and the realities of the metal commodities market have forced companies to optimize the processes they use in order to maintain an optimal cost – benefit relationship. At the same time, companies are paying more attention to social responsibility. They are more concerned with the environment as well as the health and safety of workers, commercial partners and the communities located near mining operations. Thus, new mining projects are using process automation and remote monitoring technologies - that reduce workers’ exposure to occupational risks - and developing integrated environmental and occupational health management systems.

At everis, we are well aware of this reality and its ramifications. Thus, we offer the answers needed in the face of the significant changes that are occurring. Our challenge is to implement of the best safety policies and comply with social and governmental demands. Achieving this requires mining companies to work with strategic partners having both knowledge and experience in the mining sector.



  • Stock pile monitoring

    This is a tridimensional monitoring and stock pile management solution based on laser sensors that allow for remote behavior monitoring (instant volume and levels), including performance indicators that allow for visualizing both production and management indicators.

  • Integrated environment, industrial safety and occupational health management system

    This is a tool that allows for the integration of safety, health and environmental processes with finances, supply, maintenance and human resource management within a single integrated platform that offers on-line information. The goal of this service is to assure compliance with applicable legislation and international certification standards (ISO14001, OHSAS 18001) in the prevention, information protection law and environmental incidents areas.

  • The development of mining solutions

    These are custom designed initiatives that enable productive process management in mining companies. This service offers the automation of ventilation, mining plans and production control management strategies and the optimization of drilling and blasting processes.

  • Integrated goods and services contracting document management

    These are contracting management standardization solutions that include corporate support document standardization. These initiatives are designed to achieve the best possible goods and services supply, the integration with different document depositories, the incorporation of global process management indicators and the implementation of standardized offering economic and technical evaluation support tools for bidding and service contracting related processes. The ultimate goal of this service is to allow for an adequate level of approval, scalability and sequential activities control flows.

  • Organizational support systems

    These are human resource management support solutions that are distributed among the different mining company functions and offices. This includes work team planning and control systems, employee service centers, contractor information and management systems and portal sustainability.


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