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"The most important goal for public administrations is to remake themselves into organizations capable of innovation and generation of value for citizens while reacting in a socially sustainable manner".

As the relationship between citizens and the public administration becomes ever closer, due to the wide variety of government sponsored services offered, the link between the two has also evolved. Moving forward with plans for public administration modernization has played a key role in this evolutionary process. This modernization effort is characterized by three elements: the increasing demand for the rendering of quality services, the demand for new services (mainly related to the implementation of new technologies) and the demand for making efficient and effective use of human and other natural resources. In order to successfully deal with the aforementioned challenges, the public sector has been working diligently to redefine citizen services so that the services offered meet existing demand.

This effort has resulted in the simplification of administration procedures, the integration of information sources and management processes, the reorganization of citizen service and management processes, the implementation of information systems that support customer service functions and paperwork processing and the inauguration of new citizen related channels and concepts that include personalization and proactivity elements.

The increase in the amount of resources used by the public sector must be accompanied by the use of effective management models that are supported by the reduction of administrative loads and the intensive use of information technologies. The material and budget volume required for rendering basic services such as health care and educations make it necessary to increase the amount of resources available.



  • Smart administration

    Our public management transformation solutions are based on our attitude model. This model enables the value of the public sector: emotional administration, the entrepreneurial spirit, relationship administration, sustainable administration and competitive administration.

  • Electronic administration

    eGoveris is our open and modular administrative solution. These are packaged content, document digitalization and electronic file management solutions. This service improves processes and procedures using Lean-Government and the implementation of flow management solutions (BMP). Our service includes the use of administration to administration interoperability services and solutions architectures as well as citizen portal, citizen file and electronic central office solutions. It also makes use of electronic administration control panels.

  • Optimization of economic and human resources management

    This service includes budget planning and follow-up and public service cost analysis solutions. Our service is designed to achieve the implementation of treasury management and consolidation, governmental public accounting, human resources and payroll management and work shift control systems solutions as well as public employee Internet portals.

  • Public contracting and purchase management

    This includes accelerated contracting methodologies and specialized contracting services. eMecurio is our open and modular electronic contracting solution. OPTICON is our SAP technology based contracting solution. Furthermore, we offer contracting market, electronic envelope, table management, auction, contractor profile and bidder registry solutions.

  • Education and universities

    everis offers monitored knowledge and recognized references for all university and non-university level teaching processes. Beyond the normal processes (admissions, enrollment, reservation, transfers, etc), everis also knows and understands both the university environment (in which the relationship with both the student and the company is fundamental) and non-university environment (the relationship with parents, high schools, etc.).

  • Social welfare

    The social welfare area should include social service for both individually (dependence, retiree, mentally and physically challenged services, etc.) and collectively challenged (immigrants, etc.) populations as well as the coverage offered by means of social benefits (disability and unemployment insurance, retirement pensions, etc.). The everis staff includes professionals having both the knowledge and experience necessary for successfully dealing with these areas. The Company also offers the services of resource optimization and effective use experts.

  • Civil protection, public security and justice

    In the public security and justice areas, we offer both consulting and systems development services. Our consulting services include both judicial modernization (new judicial office), public security and police force evaluation projects. Furthermore, we carry out the implementation of civil protection, emergency services, judicial process management and public security assistance systems.


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