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“At everis we are continuously reinventing ourselves. This has allowed us to become a leading player in the dynamic and exciting telecommunications marketplace.”

Ever since the founding of our company, the telecommunications sector has been one of the pillars on which everis has built its business. Our broad range of knowledge in the telecommunications area has allowed us to become a leading partner and trusted advisor to the largest companies in this sector. We have brought together our specialization and multi-disciplinary capability in order to provide a differential value to our clients.

everis assists clients with a range of strategic to operational projects that help them face up to the continuous challenges of today’s reality. Dynamism lies at the core of the identity of the telecommunications sector. Technological concentration, convergence, virtualization or evolution are some of the drivers that govern and transform this sector at a rhythm that requires continuous adaptation to new and emerging realities. Thus, experience and innovation have become the pillars on which we have based our telecommunications services offering.



  • Clients

    This involves the development of the client’s most robust strengths and the value management of these “assets” over the course of their life-cycle based on a business, process and solutions focus.

  • Income

    These are services for use in the invoicing, rate setting, measurement, collections, recovery, revenue assurance, interconnection and fraud management environments that assure the appropriate functioning of the e2e income generation chain.

  • New services

    These are services designed to increase client value by evolving traditional services and developing emerging services. This is accomplished with the support of a new generation of technologies, devices and communications models.

  • Operation and network

    These are services that are designed to enable strategy definition, execution and management and infrastructure, network technology and operations evolution, optimization and transformation plans that allow for achieving service e2e - from the generating network to end-user delivery.

  • Portability

    These are end to end fixed and mobile portability services designed for use by both telecommunications companies and regulatory commissions.

  • Transformation and new models

    This includes the integration of new telecommunications models that either substitute or complement current capabilities and offerings. We propose new solutions for the business model used by telecommunications companies – ranging from the launch and development of new business (3G/4G mobile, multimedia, OMV, M2M) to the integration of third party capabilities (partners, suppliers, users, other sectors, etc.).

  • Convergence

    This involves the definition of and follow-up along the path towards gradual, orderly and perfectly aligned integration and convergence with operator business objectives.


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