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"We transform companies working in the tourism area into industry leaders".

Changes in the way that clients make tourism and leisure decisions and the way in which they purchase and consume this type of services have forced industry players to permanently shift their operational priorities. everis is able to provide tourism and leisure industry operators with the capability to quickly adapt to changes and take advantage of the opportunities arising from the same.

The goal of the everis tourism and leisure department is to obtain and apply client related knowledge and client preferences, behaviors and attitudes to the business in question. In order to help companies maximize their income, one of the capabilities we offer is direct and efficient management of the relationship with end users utilizing both new channels and the application of improved price setting and negotiating methods.

The everis tourism and leisure department has an efficient and flexible corporate structure that enables the growth and maturation of the synergies that exist between different business units and geographic areas. Furthermore, another of the capabilities we offer is company merger and acquisition process (post-merger) management.



  • New client relationship models

    The relationship with the client in the tourism and leisure industry has changed dramatically due to the advent of web 2.0, social networks and the ease with which industry related services can be purchased using Internet. everis combines CRM, web portal, social network and business intelligence tools in order to set up a new framework that allows for the implementation of new relationship strategies. This framework helps to integrate training and education, cross and up-selling, incident management, recommendation management and customer loyalty initiatives.

  • Distribution and revenue management

    Tourism industry distribution models are in a state of continuous evolution. This forces industry players to constantly and dynamically modify their distribution policies. everis uses business intelligence and simulation tools in order to develop the capabilities that allow for setting forth distribution strategies and executing daily follow-up and daily adjustments. everis works closely with the most important channel manager and distribution systems. In order to maximize income, the goal of this service is to understand demand, competition and price management as well as sales parities, availabilities and restrictions.

  • Efficient administration

    everis implements new administrative and financial management processes that allow for a dramatic increase in back-office efficiency. This improves the firm’s ability to control and optimize the use of resources. everis offers solutions for the hotel and travel agency industry based on SAP technology that transform the financial function, turning it into a key element of corporate culture. These solutions standardize and develop management indicators and processes, setting up the basis for future business growth. They have allowed our clients to increase their level of business activity without increasing the amount of resources they need to dedicate to administrative tasks.

  • Post-Merger management

    everis has a wide range of experience in company merger management. This makes our company an ideal commercial partner for the execution of global business environment (commercial, operational, support, technology) integration plans. everis has developed its own methods and tools that allow for taking maximum advantage of the synergies identified during the merger process. Our professionals are integrated into work teams whose goal is to set forth plans of action and reach proposed goals.


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