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"We offer solutions to face up to the challenges posed by the transportation and logistics sector".

The tremendous increase in demand experienced by the passenger transportation industry in the last few years, along with growing mobility requirements, have been accompanied by a greater demand for quality client services. This situation, together with deregulation initiatives, the advent of new market players and new financing and infrastructure management models have caused a significant shift of priorities in this business sector.

The significant increase in activity experienced by the merchandise transport industry has often been driven by new business models such as the increase in B2C activity, the geographic distribution of company value chains – motivated by market globalization- and the pressing need for operational efficiency improvement have forced companies to develop and implement new intermodal transportation models and make sizeable investments in infrastructure.

Furthermore, the transportation sector is one of the biggest consumers of energy –approximately 30% within the EEC– and this has obliged sector players to integrate sustainability into both their business practices and models. everis is well aware of both this reality and its ramifications. Thus, we offer our clients the answers they need in order to achieve success within the transportation and logistics industry in the face of the significant shift in priorities that has occurred.



  • Customer service

    This service includes the implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions in order to enable the development of long-term relationships with customers and thus exchange client satisfaction for customer loyalty.

  • Mobility solutions

    This service includes the definition of the technological infrastructure and processes required for sales force and field service team automation and the corresponding integration of related administrative and commercial processes.

  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

    This service includes the development and implementation of electronic commerce projects that provide a sales channel that is totally integrated with both the company’s ERP solutions and with the logistics operators in charge of product management.

  • Lean logistics

    This service includes the application of Lean and Six Sigma for achieving the optimization of merchandise management flows (intermediate step savings, request execution optimization, etc.).

  • Relationship marketing

    This service includes the automation of Relationship marketing. This allows for the automated management of the company client policy. Furthermore, it includes a comprehensive client profile and allows for managing and coordinating company-client communications.

  • Purchasing

    This includes the development and implementation of purchasing, procurement and material management related processes.


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