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“The energy sector is undergoing a true revolution: societies are demanding unlimited supplies of energy at a reasonable price that are produced in an environmentally sustainable way".

The energy sector is strategic for all countries. It represents an essential element of the productive economy. Its need for large scale investment propels a demand in a multiplicity of other sectors. Currently, the energy sector is undergoing significant changes due to regulatory reasons and the growing level of competition that is often caused by the opening up of certain marketplaces. Furthermore, technological innovation, the development of renewable energy sources and the progressive advent of new modes of transportation are transforming this sector; bringing with them tremendous new business opportunities:

- Concentration (mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures) and greater competition between organizations, new local and international players.

- Market diversification: global energy companies.

- New energy sources and distributed generation using new intelligent networks (smart grids).

- Client oriented focus that takes advantage of client segment and values customer loyalty.

- A more sophisticated comparison shopping clientele. A demand for greater levels of personalized and added value services.

- Energy efficiency leading to the optimization of both energy consumption and prices.

- Local legislative changes arising from European directives. New emission reduction and environmental management standards.



  • Procurement and trading

    Along with the required management and operation systems, we bring our experience in the energy trading business to the marketplace. We offer in-house solutions (modularizable and having reduced start-up times) or implement standard market tools. Our solution deals with the most important energy trading processes: contracting (organized, unregulated markets, financial derivatives / assets), price setting (real time quotes, equation editor), Risk Management, Operations, Maritime Transport, Economic Management and Reporting (results, alerts).

  • Gas operations

    The most important objective of gas operations is the efficient management of the incoming and outgoing (GNL and GN) Natural Gas system flows in order to guarantee client service supply and avoid System Technical Manager penalties.

  • Operational optimization

    As with other businesses, Energy and Utility sector companies often maintain their TIC management separate from their operational environment. The current industry context demands operative efficiency, process mobilization, integration with GIS systems, advanced asset management and work orders that become the drivers that allow for a real improvement in company performance.

  • Safety, the environment and renewable energy sources.

    Renewable energy sources are bringing about a true technological revolution that is fueling economic growth. everis has broad experience in company personnel safety and environmental management as well as the optimization of renewable energy management models in order to guarantee a return on the investments made.

  • Commercial systems

    everis has broad experience in the definition, implementation, maintenance, integration and operation of the commercial operation support systems used by energy and water companies: marketing, sales, client service, pricing, contracting, invoicing, measurement, work orders...

  • Smart grid and the electric vehicle

    The global electric sector finds itself enmeshed in a total renovation process that has forced it to rethink the design of its basic infrastructure. For several years now, everis has been working on the new electric grid paradigm specification (smart grids) thanks to our participation in the most important smart grid related forums and innovation projects. This model renovation must provide solutions for new sector requirements such as active consumer participation -using demand management-, the massive integration of distributed generation and the electric vehicle, efficiency improvement, supply quality and safety or the increase in observability and control over the medium and low tension networks. Given this reality, everis has decided to focus its work on elements related to the active management of both offer and demand. Most recently, the electric vehicle has presented itself as an alternative solution for the transportation sustainability problem. If we bring the electric vehicle together with smart grids and demand management, however, this new device will play an active role in electric network management.

  • Comprehensive energy management

    Energy efficiency is one of the most important goals of the European Union in the energy area. The EU hopes to achieve 20% savings by 2020 in order to achieve both a reduction in CO2 emissions and on energy dependency. The purpose of the everis comprehensive energy management service is to optimize energy management thereby achieving energy savings of between 10% and 40%. This will allow for: - Economic savings in invoice values. - A reduction in CO2 emissions and compliance with European Union energy efficiency and savings objectives. - The professionalization of the energy management field. - Positioning in environmental awareness centers that act as examples both internally and externally.

  • Regulation

    One of the goals of the European Union is to set-up a single European Gas and Electricity market. This common energy market will encourage supply safety and competitiveness while reducing overall energy dependency. Thus, the European Commission and ERGEG are working together to issue the legislative packages that will allow the EU to move ever closer to a common energy market. The Commission and ERGEG are also in the process of issuing Regional Initiatives that will allow governments to adapt the new regulations to local conditions by modifying the pre-existing conditions.


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