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04/07/16  Utrecht, Netherlands 

 District of Future 


District of Future will be presented at the Sustainable Built Enviornment 2016 - Transition Zero (SBE16) International Conference, on Thursday, April 7 in Utrecht, Netherlands

Fortum, partner of the DoF consortium, will present the project at the event. The topics will be the following: 

Upscaling: from prototypes and concepts to market introduction, financial models & business models and strategy to mass market.

Governance: legislation & policies, European chances, stakeholder involvement & alignment and impact of local/national authorities.

Small urban area: improving systems, 0-impact areas related to energy, water & materials, participation of inhabitants and quality of life..

Circular processes: models & materials, construction chains, eco-materials and embedded energy..

European projects: international projects with impact on the Transition to Zero Energy.

DoF project is in line with the conference topics. District of Future project is an European Project, funded by the European Commission, that aims to increase energy efficiency in city districts using innovative Information and Communication Technology approaches and renewable energy sources. The objective of the project is to leverage the data and knowledge to optimize energy usage and generation, resulting in an energy system operating as efficienctlly and sustainably as possible. By reapplying the DoF approach in other European districts the project will make a sustainable contribution to the EC’s 2020 Energy and Climate Change objectives.


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