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The purpose of everis bigdata is to help our clients harness the value of all the data that can impact their business development. This is especially the case when it comes to managing large volumes of highly heterogeneous and rapidly generated data.

Our success stems from our in-depth knowledge of specific industries. This allows us to go further than applying usage data to improve business aspects. We actually seek to partner with our customers in developing business models in which we know how to define the economic value of data.

We can do this for two key reasons. First, we leverage our proprietary methodology for addressing any situation that requires the development of analytical models. And secondly, we have hundreds of pre-coded algorithms and are able to put together complex models applying advanced methods only available to the most innovative research centers.

And we can do it because we are backed by extremely qualified internal and external teams, leaders in research development in analytical modeling, using techniques that greatly surpass currently used traditional methods.

Our in-depth understanding of ICT allows us to support customers in managing their entire data lifecycle—generation, storage, processing and display. We facilitiate data control and management, validation, security and compliance with any applicable legislation.

Finally, our experience in technology architectures allows us to evaluate the best options to build ad hoc solutions for our customers, whether on open source models or on applications from the major software manufacturers in the market. This way everis can offer options which are completely tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our solutions are complete and modular, verified with real-life projects and designed for best performance both in batch processing and real-time use.



  • everis bigdata information plan

    Services geared to support our clients in pinpointing what data can answer their strategic questions. How to increase product sales? How to predict demand? How to improve customer loyalty? How to optimize a logistic process? How to optimize asset maintenance? How to predict fraud models? How to plan and efficiently distribute workloads? How to predict the impact of marketing campaigns?, etc.  We do all this while supporting the discovery and aggregation of any type of data -internal or external, structured or unstructured- required to ensure the quality of any analytical process.

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  • everis bigdata organization & process plan

    Services aimed at encouraging business process and organization adaptation to maximize the possibilities offered by data.  At everis we are fully convinced that Big Data is here to transform our business models and it’s therefore important to embrace it.

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  • everis bigdata technology model

    In recent years everis has developed technology architecture (based on open source components) which can meet the most demanding data lifecycle requirements, from extraction, storage, processing and display. eBDA (everis Big Data Architecture) is up and running with key customers facing demanding storage and real-time processing requirements.

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  • everis bigdata external support model

    At everis we are convinced of the importance of creating and maintaining an external partnership ecosystem in order to deploy the full potential that Big Data can contribute in generating value for any company.

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