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"everis is a global company having a comprehensive service offering. Within the everis organization, it is our business consulting unit, that focuses its efforts on putting our strategies into practice and making things happen".

In everis Business Consulting, we work closely with the top management in private companies, public entities and non-profit organization to transform businesses. We materialize the most promising value creation opportunities and turn their strategic vision into a tangible reality for clients, partners and employees, committing ourselves in order to obtain lasting results.

The open and entrepreneurship nature of our consultants allow us to emphasize at all our clients levels, making their challenges our own, and in that way, solving their biggest challenges together.

We have highly specialized areas on business strategy that generate reference spaces in the market, offering high value services of added value to our clients by expert teams. Four attributes characterizes our offer:

-Sectorization: solution of the strategic need of our clients by an in-depth knowledge of the sector and the business. It comprises company’ needs of and its relation to their clients, competence and suppliers.

-Specialization: in-depth knowledge of specific business operations and solution of our clients’ business challenges.

-Executable: commitment with strategic and business objectives defined with our clients to its obtaining through its relation and final obtaining of results.

-Global: understanding of the client’s global needs and ability to solve specific strategic and business needs, with an integral vision and within their target markets.



  • Marketing and sales

    We offer an integral service for business direction covering all the activity areas, from definition of the business strategy to the identification of tools to aid obtaining the objectives. We help transform organizations improving their business efficiency, adapting its dimensioning and profile, and identifying new channels to improve their productivity and development. We provide an approach on business intelligence and customer intelligence fields, assisting clients in categorization process for the offer adjustment. This will improve loyalty and attraction of distribution networks as well as final clients. From the innovation point of view, we contribute with the development of new technologies applied to communications with the clients as well as in all the related aspects with digital business.

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  • Cloud computing

    Beyond a trend, cloud computing is a new work form that allows companies have further control over their technological processes. Additionally, CEO’s have much more pressure as these are more efficient with less budget, that is why this model can help them have more flexible, automatic and efficient processes. In this context, everis business consulting is a partner that can help companies define and implement their cloud computing strategy.

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  • Operational Excellence

    The continuous improvement of process efficiency is an important source of resources for the company. In-depth knowledge on the most advanced improvement techniques (Lean & Six Sigma) combined with technical and technological capabilities for data analysis (Big Data & Analytics) make everis value offer unique in operational excellence.

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  • Open Government

    A concept that brings transparency, participation and collaboration together. It is a movement of the world most advanced democracies with very ambitions objectives and challenges: at a political level, transparent management demands courage, commitment and change of culture in the administration staff way of working and involvement on behalf of the citizens. In everis, we strongly bet on it and support the adoption of open government as a management model through information intelligent management. This allows moving forward with responsibility, efficiency, austerity, demands and quality criteria.

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  • Analytics & Big Data

    In Business Analytic, we help our clients to know their business better and have more understanding of their client and operations for decision-making. We are a data scientists team specialized in translating business objective into Data Mining and Big Data projects, supported by quantitative data (non-structured databases and information) to build statistic models of customer intelligence, forecasting predictive models, analysis of impacts, fraud, risks and operational efficiency. We learn from the past and the present to predict future scenarios and define strategies.

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  • Customer Experience

    In customer experience, we help our clients in making their clients feel. We try to answer this question: how do I want to make my client feel? The answer should be a differential identity brand to instill each individual in each interaction consistently. If we make them feel, our brand will have more influence. Based on these four “i” that comprise our iMap, we help obtain the best results in relation to purchase intent, loyalty and share of wallet from our clients. This is why we develop multi-sector projects from the context of diagnosis and strategy design from the client experience, product and service design oriented towards the client and business experience or continuous support from a customer experience office among other services.

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  • Social & Connected Business

    We are living shocking changes that transform the business environment, where the change pace is insanely fast. In this context, we help the companies in their evaluation towards a social, connected and open future offering an integral, coherent and consistent vision covering strategic, operational and technological needs by incorporating innovative and fresh solutions in this ecosystem.

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  • Talent & Transformation

    The environment complexity is leading companies to deal with reorganization plans, transformation and business model review. As reflected in the CEP agenda, where talent, culture and leadership are at the top of the priority list, the success and future sustainability of these plans depend heavily on the people. This new understanding of the reality has deep implications at human resources management and the role to undertake in the company to maximize its contribution to the business. In this context, the talent and transformation consultancy area answer is to refocus on business solution development by people. Though this offer, we try to help RH areas to position strategy in the human team, develop core capabilities to be more competitive, offering innovative solutions to the business in people management and lead and systematizing change and transformation processes.

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  • Multichannel marketing

    The closeness of the client through different channels is breaking these paradigms: from suggesting all the channels to all the clients, to settle the interaction in each channel regarding each client’s behavior and needs; from starting and inevitably terminating relationships with the client in the same channel, to start in a channel and finish in another without any type of barriers; from OPEX and CAPEX poor control and their inability to direct the client to a specific channel, to find the balance between experience and cost; from considering traditional channels to integrate new channels as social networks| or virtualization.

    Multi-channel marketing is more and more important and has become a key element in the development of relationships with our clients. In everis Business, we have analyzed the best sector practices in the new environment in order to define experiences that clients must obtain, according to these new paradigms. We are able to transfer their implications to all the key areas of the company, considering specific objectives necessarily related to multichannel marketing to improve the client experience, maximize the value of each cannel, simplifying the related operation or creating new business value.

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  • Strategy & Transformation

    From the thinking process with the top management to the design and follow-up of specific action plans in markets and businesses, everis business offers services oriented towards the design and launching of new strategies and transformation plans to build winning realities: Strategy 2 Real. By combining sector and functional capabilities, everis business proposes a multi-dimensional framework that allow the client to draw up, build and reach their goals and objectives in a light of coherence with the market, consistency in delivery and commitment with results.

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  • Internationalization

    From everis business consulting, we help our clients to internationalize themselves successfully and in sustainable way, beyond the vicissitudes of the world economic situation. Likewise, we provide expertise when which markets to grow and how to guarantee a successful entry in these markets. We accompany our clients in their progressive transformation towards multinational groups: creating corporate policies, designing corporate support services to international branch offices, adapting their governance model to a wider and more complex perimeter. Our implementation in more than 20 countries allow us to offer a wide geographical coverage.

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  • Rightsizing

    During the terms of economic slowdown, most companies decide to reduce their infrastructure, in general with a mechanic and random focus in all the company. In everis business consulting, we believe in rightsizing, this means, adjust the organization to where the activity level requires it without reducing future competitively, blocking resource rebalancing towards business lines with more potential. This demands a deep understanding of value creation levers and using outsourcing opportunities activities. With this type of collaboration, our clients focus on their cores and quickly improve their profitability, before tackling a new development phase.

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  • Operations Management

    We help the operation transformation making more efficient supply chain processes, optimizing and simplifying support processes through techniques such as Lean Six Sigma. We become the appropriate partner when creating maximum efficiency teams for procurement management. This helps the client obtain the maximum volume of savings performing procurement.

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  • IT Strategy

    Digital dynamics are changing the game rules in all sectors. Industries are reconfiguring its capabilities, and ICT strategy is adjusting itself to new business models.

    everis Business tackles the challenge searching for a balance between "what" (value proposal) and "how" (IT and infrastructure strategy), to incorporate more capabilities to the core and enhance assets to improve company’s performance.

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  • Smart

    The Smart promise (Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Automotive, Smart Home, Internet of Things, etc.) is still under definition process. Most of the current positions are skewed towards technology, or only focused on obtaining efficiencies, valid perspectives yet incomplete. In addition, revitalizing related information and management capability of complex environments defining clear roles will be the cornerstone of new business generation.

    everis Business participates in the development of the Smart world potential, designing and collaborating with new service generation that exploit Smart potential, new business and operational models that provides new revenue and efficiency, and new ways of collaborating between players. This will help add critical sector capabilities in the Smart value proposals.

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