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everiSmart aims to give intelligence to data and connectivity providing added value far higher than currently.

We are facing a new reality enhanced by the increasing ability of obtaining information "anywhere/anytime" and use it wisely, making it available to certain actors capable of developing new services for the whole of society, increasingly more capable, more skilled and more demanding in their consumption.

This reality has been named in different ways, associating names that partially or completely identified: smart-X, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), etc.

From everis was created everismart, initiative that encompasses all the above and from the fact that we understand this, which is a whole paradigm shift, it leads us to a completely interconnected ecosystem: not only device with connectivity but also actors who have historically worked in a given market, will end up playing alongside other players in different verticals.

parts of the knowledge and skills acquired by everis in each of the sectors that are impacted by the smart worlds and part of the idea that both the widespread availability of technological means, such as the extensive development of communications, leading to an increasingly interconnected world where technology called M2M, IoT (Internet of things) and similar open great potential for industry solutions.

In this context multiple multi-sectoral initiatives arise in order to exploit new opportunities: called smart-X environments such as smartspaces (SmartCity, SmartBuildings, SmartStreets, etc.) SmartGrids, Security, Vehicle Telematics, Industrial Processes or e-Health focused on smarter use, i.e. more smart, of all connected elements.



  • allConnected Smart Suite

    The allConnected Smart Suite is a development framework that adds a number of customizable and interchangeable software pieces designed to solve situations in smart environments. The main modules are: Tracking, Geo-fencing, Telemetering connectors, Tele-control connectors, Routes Optimizer, RFID/NFC identification, Push and voice notifications, Geo-location of assets/events, CAN-BUS, etc.

    These modules are fully functional, although they display their true potential when they are integrated to build a very agile complete smart solution. Getting solved specific challenges that they have or raise customers and adapting perfectly to the needs thereof.

    With this suite everis has built
    major assets and products that can offer.

  • everismart plataform

    It is a platform developed by everis that allows the capture of heterogeneous information from multiple sources, transforming them into intelligent information elements and / or service indicators. Also consists of the following modules: Devices and Things Management, Data Management, Analytics Engine, Web Portals, Dashboards & Reporting and APIs. It also integrates vertical solutions developed with AllConnected Smart Suite.

    The platform and the information collected allow, for example in urban areas, the following processes:

    • The AAPP control and manage urban services more efficiently as well as the decision making.
    • Citizens appreciate an improvement in the quality of urban services.
    • Urban service providers improve operative.

    The business or entrepreneurial world through innovation and development create new innovative services.

  • Smart Citizen Program

    Smart Citizen Program is an initiative to promote and encourage citizen collaboration for the growth of smart cities.

    The concept consists of:

    • Citizen actions that the city council wants to promote in the city. E.g. using clean point, Use of public transport services, using public bike system, Report incidents by citizens or Parking payment via mobile app.

    • Attractive incentives for citizens. E.g. Discounts on different taxes/municipal fees; Reductions in municipal services: transport, parking, public swimming pool, sports facilities, etc.; or Discounts on stores attached to Smart Citizen Program.

  • Smart Zone

    everis has in its headquarters in Madrid largely deployed assets developed allowing, for example, monitor parking spaces or track people inside the building.


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