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“The everis outsourcing offers the best solutions developed by the best professionals available in the marketplace, and uses a highly efficient service model that is aligned with cost savings and efficiency business objectives".

In a globalized market, achieving a degree of competiveness, effectiveness and excellence that allows organizations to successfully face global competition related challenges is becoming more and more important. Companies must pay special attention to core and essential business processes. Information systems are evolving rapidly and organizations run the risk of not maintaining them appropriately aligned with supporting business processes.

The Outsourcing Unit has been trained to achieve both the alignment and evolution of our clients’ information systems. The Unit offers the best solutions thus assuring a high added value. The Outsourcing Unit is operated by a team of professionals having a high degree of outsourcing and sectorial knowledge. This allows for providing support to other service units over the course of the commercial cycle by means of a strong service orientation and continuous improvement.

This broad range of knowledge allows us to establish a strong bond of confidence and strengthen our partnership relationships thus assuring a degree of process stability that is able to withstand the test of the personnel changes that could occur along the way.



  • Applications management

    This service provides our clients with applications evolution and maintenance solutions that are designed to achieve continuous improvement and establish a partnership relationship that help organizations to achieve pre-established strategic objectives. This service allows for operational and strategic management that functions indepently from the information systems that support our clients’ business processes.

  • Infrastructure management

    We manage our clients’ infrastructure in a flexible way by means of providing both the methodological and technical knowledge which permit the hardware pool to be aligned with business requirements. Our capabilities allow us to provide specific solutions for client requirements. We adapt our service to client budget, deliverable, timeframe and objective needs. This business line is capable of combining the comprehensive or selective management, administration, operation, client service, hardware, technical base, etc. of the business process support information systems used by our clients.


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