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"In SAP & Enterprise Solutions we focus on knowing the most innovative SAP solutions and implement them in a efficient way, which facilitates our customers the expansion and improvement of its organization and business".

The implementation of enterprise resource planning SAP ERP system in an organization, allows an easy and global integration of business processes, creating a more efficient work environment and giving users information in real-time, so that reducing the possibility of errors and redundant information. everis proposes a scheme of work based on trust. everis has experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of SAP.

Our company considers as basic pillars: the innovation, knowledge and training. It also has laboratories to make prototypes, conducting demos and the launch of projects and as well as for the training and knowledge management of our consultants. everis has specific delivery frameworks that allow us to quicken and make more efficient the implementation and maintenance of SAP solutions, ensuring the success and quality of deliveries based on our own market methodologies, knowledge management on the network, and the development of solutions in SAP centers of excellence.

Thanks to the efforts of the consultants of the SAP&ES service unit, SAP perceives us as one of its strategic partners in Spain, with knowledge, experience and ability to deliver business solutions that cover all aspects of the value chain of business and so that ensuring client satisfaction.



  • NetWeaver & Architecture management

    This area offers technology services with SAP NetWeaver platform, specifically for service lines covering information analysis and of corporate reporting, portals and mobility, architecture and process integration, systems management and developments to improve the SAP standard.

  • SAP Application Management & Systems Management

    It provides and implements the management and provision of applications support services and SAP systems based on a range of services and service level agreements for each of them, formalizing and speeding up all activities and management through an own information system, available to all stakeholders of the client and everis.

  • Finance & Compliance Management

    It offers and runs financial services on SAP platform, specifically service lines covering the statutory accounting rules, consolidation processes, the processes of budget preparation and monitoring, operational and strategic control of the company and cash.

  • Logistics & Operations Management

    It provides and performs services in logistics and operations on SAP platform, specifically service lines that include sales and customer service, procurement, planning and monitoring the implementation of production, storage, transport and distribution.

  • Human capital management

    It provides and performs services for human resource areas on SAP platform, specifically service lines that include personnel administration and payroll, talent management, portals (employee, manager, recruitment and training) and prevention of occupational hazards and occupational health management.

  • SAP solutions for midsize businesses

    We offer SAP Business all-in-one applications, adapted to mid-sized businesses. It consists of prepackaged ERP, CRM and BI solutions, available as service or by purchase with financing.


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