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"Increasing the number of operations we can carry out automatically, has enabled civilization to take important steps forward", Alfred North Whitehead.

The level of technology found in company offices is constantly growing. Technology has become a key element that facilitates the activities carried out in all kinds of business environments. The most important thing about technology, however, is neither the products nor the packages themselves, but rather how these items are used to enable companies to achieve their business objectives.

People are the key to the successful use of technologies. They have advanced knowledge on the appropriate use of technological tools and also have the ability to act as technological facilitators on the job. everis technology brings together a group of professionals and technological assets that reduce the risk and increase the efficiency of projects executed in technological environments. We accomplish this using commercial partnerships, architectures and methodologies that offer a wide range of technologies, including those listed below.



  • Big Data

    The implementation of a Big Data solution means that many companies are gaining a distinct competitive advantage in their market sectors. In everis we have a team specialized in Big Data solutions that cover the entire development life cycle, from the definition, implementation, and to the maintenance. In concrete:
    • The identification and definition of use cases that need Big Data solutions, whatever the market sector of the company.
    • The definition of the strategy and implementation roadmap.
    • The selection of the most appropriate technology solution for the company.
    • The design of the infrastructure needed for implementation.
    Given the multitude of technologies available on the market that enable access and manage structured and unstructured data, processing large volumes of information, either running in batch or in real time, our everis Big Data Service Team can define the solution that provides the best coverage for the Big Data strategy of each company.
    We have a technologically certified team in Big Data, who have worked with various clients in different sectors in the implementation of Big Data solutions. As a result of this, we have references, expertise and alliances with key market players, which means that we have a consolidated Big Data Service and that is recognized in the market.

  • Technological Architecture Definition and Implementation

    A technological architecture is a group of solutions, services and procedures that guide and support the development, operation and functioning of a business solution, thereby assuring the quality, completeness and operability of the results generated. This services works with the activities necessary for defining and implementing part or all of technological architectures.

  • BI- Information Solution and Outsourcing BI

    everis has worked to evolve BI solutions beyond the mere preparation of a report. We also take into consideration elements such as information strategy. BI architectures, demand management, BI systems construction competency centers (including the software factory mode), metadata solutions and even the outsourcing of the analytical enviroment itself.

    everis has proposed a solution that provides for the outsourcing of BI systems maintenance. This solution is developed based on the necessities we have detected while working with our most important clients. For these clients, the need for continuous evolution that is aligned with the business itself while maintaining certain quality and optimum services levels is of the utmost importance. Given their nature and strategic for companies have features that differentiate them from other business applications in the maintenance stage. Thus, the proposal for planning appropriate BI systems maintenance includes a combination of the following elements:

    - An everis applications maintenance methodology.
    - An understanding of the differences between a transactional and analytical system.

    Thus, our maintenance proposal is based on everis BI systems development best practices.

  • Technological architecture outsourcing

    During extended periods of time, and working with predetermined quality levels, everis takes over client architecture evolution. During these periods, we align the architecture with the latest market standards, provide the appropriate level of functional coverage and, in general, focus our efforts on continuous improvement and optimization (using the analysis and measurement of activity carried out).

  • Outsourcing governance

    Outsourcing should be designed to achieve continuous improvement in the service rendered by the IT organization. This is achieved using a double focus: improvement by means of operational management of the service, (proactive), and the definition and execution of the improvement plans arising from the SLA analyses set forth in the outsourcing contract (reactive).

  • Enterprise content management (Web 2.0 and collaboration)

    everis has a specialized knowledge area for the portal, web 2.0 and document management and content management environments. This knowledge area includes the entire life-cycle, as from the definition of strategic internet and intranet plans to portal consolidation / implementation and on-line reputation management.

  • Document management

    For everis, the successful implementation of a document management system within an organization includes the following elements:
    - A reliable document repository.
    - The capability to reconcile the real and virtual worlds.
    - The importance of change management.
    - A Cost-Benefit Analysis.
    - The first steps generate new requirements.
    - Documentation structuring and standardization.
    - Document hierarchy.
    - An accessible and friendly solution.
    - A monitored methodology.
    - An experienced work team.

  • Oracle specialization group

    everis knowledge areas are operated by highly specialized teams that allow the company to offer clients solutions that have been developed using the most recognized Oracle products: SOA, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI), Oracle WebCenter & UCM, Identity Management and Oracle Applications (e-Business Suite and Siebel). Detailed Information

  • Banking architectures

    The everis department that specializes in banking architecture offers solutions designed to deal with financial institution technological evolution requirements. These solutions have been developed based on this department’s experience in banking IT consulting and the know-how accumulated through work executed in a wide variety of other business sectors. The everis technological focus is supported by SOA and provides specific open source based solutions that can be integrated with commercial products. This mix is used in order to minimize start-up costs and maximize value over the course of system life-cycles.

  • Cloud computing

    Cloud Computing is a demand based IT services delivery model that is supported by virtualization and distributed computer technologies. The Cloud Computing architectures provide the following benefits: system flexibility and scalability, almost immediate service rendering, shared and efficient use of the resources and infrastructure required for managing IT assets.


  • Alliances




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