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Consulting, IT & Outsourcing Professional Services

Consulting, IT & Outsourcing Professional Services

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everis helps insurance companies cope with the changing economic landscape, an aging population, and new consumption habits.

Based on more than 20 years of consulting expertise acquired from working on more than 2,000 projects - in different geographies - with local and global leaders, everis has gained a profound understanding of the insurance market and has developed a specific service offering meant to address the industry’s primary current challenges:

1. Customers are demanding CHOICE with respect to the channel they use to interact; mostly passively by defaulting to the most present and easiest channel. In view of that demand, everis has assisted clients in improving their traditional (branches, agents, brokers) and non-traditional (contact center, web, social media, iTV, B2C, partnerships) channels offering through strategic empowerment, improved operational models, and definition of services offering.

2. Also, as customers perceive fewer differences between products, they expect better service levels. Through its strong Customer Communication Management practice, everis can help insurance clients enhance their customer experience through the use of campaign optimization and multi-channel data integration tools as well as the creation of brand experience guide definition for each channel.

3. Due to poorly combined ratio performance, the insurance industry has looked for new ways to reduce operational expenses. To increase the profitability of insurance companies, everis has helped its clients reduce their fulfillment costs by implementing multichannel delivery methods and cut their operating costs by centralizing services and developing shared content capabilities.

4. Despite the loss of technical margin, companies have reduced prices in exchange for holding on to market share. To help insurance clients rebuild their financial position, everis has focused on enhancing the retention rate and loyalty of their customer portfolio, and take advantage of growth opportunities by leveraging new regions and/or products.

In the highly regulated US insurance environment, generating growth requires establishing strong and enduring relationships with the customer base through frequent and efficient interactions. everis’ CCM practice helps companies focus on the customer through diversified channel distribution capabilities and improved service offerings.



  • Customer Centricity & Customer Communication Management

    everis can help insurance companies define and implement end-to-end customer centricity strategies through models calculating customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty, and by analyzing the value proposition of their channels and products, in order to design customer service tools that enhance commercial tracking capabilities.

  • Operational and Organizational Efficiency

    everis has helped multinational insurance companies find operational efficiencies by redefining their organizational - and relationship model with agents and brokers, and by minimizing costs by integrating call and service centers, and increasing sales by managing its customer campaigns more effectively.

  • Distribution

    To help transform channel capabilities, everis can shift distribution structures (people, processes and systems) from local agent models to sales through retail, banking and online channels, allowing for better client attraction, cross-selling increase, conversion rate improvement, and company differentiation.


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