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Consulting, IT & Outsourcing Professional Services

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utilities & energy 

everis understands the operations or traditional and Green energy companies".

The energy sector is strategic for all countries. It represents an essential element of the productive economy. Its need for large scale investment propels a demand in a multiplicity of other sectors. Currently, the energy sector is undergoing significant changes due to regulatory reasons and the growing level of competition that is often caused by the opening up of certain marketplaces. Furthermore, technological innovation, the development of renewable energy sources and the progressive advent of new modes of transportation are transforming this sector; bringing with them tremendous new business opportunities:

- Concentration (mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures) and greater competition between organizations, new local and international players.

- Market diversification: global energy companies.

- New energy sources and distributed generation using new intelligent networks (smart grids).

- Client oriented focus that takes advantage of client segment and values customer loyalty.

- A more sophisticated comparison shopping clientele. A demand for greater levels of personalized and added value services.

- Energy efficiency leading to the optimization of both energy consumption and prices.

- Local legislative changes.



  • Procurement and trading

    Contracting (organized, unregulated markets, financial derivatives / assets), price setting (real time quotes, equation editor), Risk Management, Operations, Maritime Transport, Economic Management and Reporting (results, alerts).

  • Gas operations

    Guarantee client service supply and avoid System Technical Manager penalties by effectively managing incoming and outgoing (GNL and GN) Natural Gas system flows

  • Operational optimization

    Improve company performance with operative efficiency, process mobilization, integration with GIS systems, advanced asset management and work orders.

  • Safety, the environment and renewable energy sources.

    everis has broad experience in company personnel safety and environmental management as well as the optimization of renewable energy management models in order to guarantee a return on the investments made.

  • Commercial systems

    everis has broad experience in the definition, implementation, maintenance, integration and operation of the commercial operation support systems used by energy and water companies: marketing, sales, client service, pricing, contracting, invoicing, measurement, work orders, etc.

  • Smart grid and the electric vehicle

    everis has been working on the new electric grid paradigm specification (smart grids) for several years. everis has decided to focus its work on elements related to the active management of both offer and demand.  

  • Comprehensive energy management

    With a broad view and a wide involvement in industries, everis is in a unique position to find and then implement comprehensive energy management solutions.

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