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Technological innovation, new customer segments, changing customer expectations, greater collaboration within the value chain and the need to improve efficiency (Industry 4.0)… All these elements are driving an exciting time of transformation in the automotive industry. 


This transformation, this digitalisation of the industry, poses great challenges; from offering connected vehicles and new user experiences and mobility solutions to adapting to new business models, optimising production processes and from improving environmental awareness to providing better after-sales service and maximising the use of data to get useful insights into the customers.
everis helps to address these challenges, guaranteeing success through maximising customer knowledge and information from new channels. With this we optimise marketing strategies and adapt systems to local needs. We analyse and segment customers, improve user experience and increase loyalty and customer value in sale and after sale.


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Alonso Fernández

Alonso Fernández

Head of Europe

Partner in charge of European industry, he holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and MBA from ESADE. He has 19 years of consulting experience working on transformation projects in Europe and Latin America. He also has extensive experience in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and entertainment.


Salvador Sagrado

Head of Americas

Head of Industry sector and Head of SAP & Enterprises Solutions, in Americas region. Before this role, he was been global head of SAP & Enterprises Solutions. He has more than 20 years of consulting experience in telecom, oil & gas, retail and FMCG industries, among others.