Maximising digital transformation in manufacturing by everis

Digital transformation is testing the manufacturing industry. The challenge is obvious: adapt or die in this global scenario where technology accelerates the pace and changes the rules. Relentless competition, new consumer demands, handling costs and retaining qualified people – all this forces the industry to put technology at the core for all change.
Strategic priorities within the sector include the need for increasing investment into information technologies, developing new products, reducing downtime. To differentiate in today’s market, a greater commitment to innovation, research and development is needed alongside superior product design and improved relations with suppliers.
The transformation of the manufacturing industry is far-reaching and it is vital for survival that manufacturers embrace this significant change. 


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Alonso Fernández

Alonso Fernández

Head of Europe

Partner in charge of European industry, he holds an undergraduate degree in business administration and MBA from ESADE. He has 19 years of consulting experience working on transformation projects in Europe and Latin America. He also has extensive experience in a variety of sectors including consumer goods, manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and entertainment.


Salvador Sagrado

Head of Americas

Head of Industry sector and Head of SAP & Enterprises Solutions, in Americas region. Before this role, he was global Head of SAP & Enterprises Solutions. He has more than 20 years of consulting experience in telecom, oil & gas, retail and FMCG industries, among others.