eConfidence carries out pilot tests of its Serious Games
Thursday, 19 October, 2017

A total of 10 schools (5 Spanish and 5 from European English-speaking countries) have now been selected to carry out the pilot test of two eConfidence Serious Games on the topics of bullying and the safe use of internet, involving students aged between 12 and 14. Students will be divided into a control and an experimental group during the academic year 2017/2018, and the results of the pilot actions will be announced in the summer of 2018.

Serious games have become a popular tool for knowledge transfer, perceptual or cognitive change, but are they an effective instrument for behavioural change? eConfidence - Confidence in behaviour changes through serious games - is an EU2020 funded project which aims to answer this question through research pilot actions in schools on how the use of serious games can have a positive impact on young people’s behavioural changes.

Project eConfidence

eConfidence, launched in November 2016, is the result of a multi-stakeholder cooperation between game developers, universities, technology industries and education experts. More specifically, the project is co-ordinated by Instituto Tecnologico de Castilla y Leon, in collaboration with European Schoolnet, everis, Nurogames, University of Salamanca and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka.

The European Commission has previously financed a number of projects investigating positive behavioural changes in relation to games and gamification projects. In spite of a consensus on the instructional potential of serious games (games designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment), there is still a lack of methodologies and tools that encompass their design, support analysis and assessment.

eConfidence has published an information dossier on ‘Measurement Instruments for the Pilot Test’ presenting the conceptual and operational variables that will be assessed during the pilot test, for the topics of safe use of the internet and bullying. Soon the ‘Researched Topics and Indicators to Assess the Educational Possibilities of Videogames’ information dossier will also be available. This report will include a study on psychological and educational effect of videogames, in relation with bullying and safe use of the internet, and a set of guidelines for interventions and games design, which are the base for the game scenarios.