everis analyses the cybersecurity situation in Europe and Latin America during the NTT Cybersecurity Practice Meeting
Monday, 20 November, 2017

everis Aerospace, Defense, and Security has participated in the last edition of the Cybersecurity Practice Meeting of NTT, an annual event that gathers all the companies and areas of the group that specialise in the security sector.

Miguel Ángel Thomas, partner in charge of the Cybersecurity area of everis, and María Pilar Torres, director of the area, who were also in charge of analysing the cybersecurity situation in Europe and Latin America, represented everis at the meeting. In total, the event has reunited more than 120 professionals from around the world in the NTT R&D Center in Japan.

During their talk, Miguel and María highlighted the great importance of the European market, which represents the second most significant market  behind the United States. In relation to Latin America, they have stressed the rapid growth the sector has been experiencing in recent years, especially in countries like Brazil.

During the presentation, key aspects of the sector’s development were also put under the spotlight; aspects such as the importance of building relationships with clients based on transparency, proactivity, and flexibility, or the need of betting on differential products and services with high added value.

In addition, they reviewed regulatory aspects that will be key in the future of the sector in Europe, such as the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the PSD2 related to payment management, which everis is currently working on with its clients.