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Banking on AI to Help Customers Reach Their Hopes and Dreams

Global survey of 5,000 financial services customers and 500 financial institutions reveals what bank customers want and how the bank of the future will deliver.


The Bank of the Future Will Get Personal

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data intelligence are giving banks vast capabilities to deliver what a growing segment of customers want — hyper-individualized, relevant, and timely financial guidance to achieve their hopes and dreams.


Are financial institutions (FIs) up to the challenge of reorganizing around AI to deliver what customers want?


Key Findings | Moving to a new level of trust

  • Customers trust their banks. 62% of consumers said they believe their primary bank is advanced at protecting their personal data.

  • A significant group of them — 35% of FI customers — are more willing to share personal data and pay for individualized recommendations.


  • Only 16% of FIs are leveraging data and AI to provide these specific recommendations to each customer.