Ecoembes Digital Transformation Project

Ecoembes kicks off its corporate digital transformation process with the aim of adapting its traditional organizational model (working methods and strategy) while benefiting from the global social changes resulting from developments in ICT.


This adaptation is grounded on three key pillars: the creation of a vision regarding the role that Ecoembes wants to play in its ecosystem in the future, enhancement of the current strategic plan through digital initiatives, and cultural transformation. Therefore, moving towards having a digital mindset for addressing new ways of working, which will permeate the entire organization.


In order to address this paradigm shift, everis proposes a transformation plan based on 7 digital paths, focused on culture, data, operational excellence, transparency, valuable relationships, new value propositions and technological progress. All of these paths comprise initiatives designed to achieve the proposed digital transformation goals in the short, medium and long term; all are measurable and quantifiable.


What is the proposal by everis?

everis believes that it is vital to achieve a coherent and consistent digital evolution and adaptation model. And that success lies in developing a roadmap that is validated by all stakeholders, actionable, consistent, evolving and ordered. This project’s success revolves around 4 key points:


1- The approach proposed by everis combines two complementary methodologies: Business Consulting and Digital Consulting, supported by other experts in critical matters (Cultural Transformation and Change Management, Big Data, the IoT, RPA etc.), which will ensure that the plan is comprehensively implemented and that the ECOEMBES organization changes its mindset.


2- The participation of both senior management and the rest of the Ecoembes organization is critical to the project’s success. In addition, the company’s key stakeholders’ involvement is essential to ensuring the organization’s change of mindset and cultural evolution.


3- The definition of KPIs is a key element to guaranteeing that the ECOEMBES organization is aligned with the goals defined in the digital transformation plan, along with regular compliance monitoring.


4- Activating the mechanisms required to orchestrate the transformation process and make sure that things happen, ensuring the successful implementation of the different initiatives set out, and guaranteeing a real change of mindset within the company.

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