everis reaches 1.03 billion euro in revenue, with a 29% increase in profit
Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

everis increased its revenue by 26% in its last financial year reaching 1.03 billion Euro. The company also achieved an EBITDA of 96 million Euro, 29% over the previous year.

By sectors, banking and insurance represent 43% of the consulting firm’s activity. Industry accounts for 22% of the business, followed by telecommunications (17%), utilities (12%) and public sector (6%).

As in previous years, everis maintained its growth, which can be attributed to the increase in the number of contracts with large multinational companies, and particularly to the development and implementation of digital transformation projects. 

As well as the increase in business figures, the number of professionals has grown by 2,500 during the 2016 fiscal year reaching over 19,000 employees worldwide. Additionally, everis has expanded its global footprint to 16 countries with new offices in the Netherlands and Morocco.

Europe: main market

Europe remains everis’s main market, with an annual revenue exceeding 700 million Euro. Spain continues to play a leading role within the European continent. During the 2016 fiscal year, the consulting firm increased its revenue by 24% in the Spanish market, to 588 million Euro.

By countries, Italy increased its turnover by 23%, from 39 to 48 million Euro. The United Kingdom also increased its turnover by 10 million to reach 36 million Euro – 31 M£ - (a 38% more). Benelux revenues surpassed 42 million Euro and Portugal obtained 20 million Euro.

America: 29% increase in revenues

The Americas region closed the 2016 fiscal year with a turnover close to 300 million Euro, an increase of 29% over the previous year. These results reflect the consolidation of everis in the region where it is present in seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and the United States.

By country, Brazil and Chile reported most growth in the region with revenues of 72 and 53 million Euro, respectively, followed by Peru, Mexico and USA. In each of the regions, the consulting firm maintains its commitment to local talent as a driver of growth and currently has 8,000 professionals distributed across the American continent.  

FY2017 forecasts 

For this fiscal year, everis forecasts that it will maintain double-digit growth, in both revenue and profit, and continue to be one of the largest generators of employment for young and qualified talent around the world. 

To achieve this, the consulting firm plans to continue increasing the volume of contracts with large companies, in addition to promoting the development of solutions based on its own products. 

The company will continue to secure its Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity business lines, with the aim of continuing to develop and implement major projects of digital transformation.