Living better, always

Living longer requires a redesign of future plans, a restructuring of time and recurrent and active financial planning. Changes in consumer habits, the rise of the collaborative economy and the importance of data analysis, together with the current increase in life expectancy have led to a new landscape that requires powerful forecasting and planning solutions to guarantee people's well-being.



With this goal in mind, everis Finbow has been designed as a financial and actuarial planning tool that provides specific solutions to balance real life with financial expectations. everis Finbow provides a personalized advisory tool for the family economy based on a 360º model to financial institutions and insurance companies. The asset allows a quick identification of potential risks and how to deal with them through financial, forecasting and risk products, providing to clients a tailor-made financial planning solution.



everis Finbow delivers precise simulations of users’ financial life, considering all the main events that can have a direct impact on the stability of the family economy. Thus it provides short, medium and long term financial forecasts associated with their respective solutions.


The tool contributes to minimize latent financial instability in widowhood, orphanhood, disability or retirement situations, allowing the financial and insurance sectors to provide guidance based on criteria of objectivity and uniformity.


everis Finbow is a cloud-based solution which allows an agile deployment and easy management and updating.



Center of Excellence for Social Welfare and Financial Planning

everis Finbow has the support of the Center of Excellence for Social Welfare that provides a series of complementary services such as:


  • Business consulting about social welfare and financial planning strategies.
  • everis Finbow implementation and integration.
  • Consulting, training and change management.
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Meet the team

Victor Velasco


Head of the Center of Excellence for the insurance sector

Victor is currently Insurance Director at everis and has over 14 years of experience leading technological transformation projects. He has also managed several work teams in different insurance companies. His career is focused on the life insurance area as he is also managing the dedicated everis unit for this segment (ICU). This special unit centralizes knowledge and service offering for life insurance clients.


Ángel Tudela


Head of the Center of Excellence for Banking

Ángel holds the position of Banking Manager at everis and has an extensive experience in international projects focused on  technological transformation in relation to Treasury and Capital Markets. He has also a deep knowledge of asset management and Private Banking.


Julio Fernández


everis Finbow Product Owner and Center of Excellence Advisor

Julio is expert in Complementary Social Welfare, Pensions and Retirement Planning. He has over 20 years of experience leading different distribution channels. Julio is also a Professor in several business schools and universities.