everis SelfPay is a solution designed to improve the shopping experience using facial biometric recognition that offers:


- A convenient payment process that only requires face recognition authentication


- A  better understanding of the client before the payment,  allowing retailers  to create customized in real-time campaigns based on the client’s identity and behavior.


This solution provides a complete end-to-end service granting an easy and an simple integration with any platform

How does everis SelfPay work from a consumer's perspective?

everis SelfPay users only need to follow three simple steps:


1. Registration: Users need to sign up on the application in order to associate a facial digital footprint with their debit or credit card. 


2. Payment: After registration, the service is ready to be used. Users only need to select everis SelfPay as a payment method when they are ready for the transaction and  the service will automatically initiate the user identification process.


3. Confirmation: Finally, users only need to confirm the total amount to pay to complete the transaction. Additionally, the service will automatically send a message to the user’s phone with all the payment details.


Benefits for everyone: users, retailers y financial institutions

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| Financial institutions





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