What is everis Usix?

everis Usix is a virtual product lifecycle management (PLM) tool, whose algorithm collects data generated by computer-aided design (CAD) tools and sends them to a virtual environment.

We developed an algorithm that understands the geometry of the different pieces and extrapolates data about how they should be assembled. The operator can carry out the whole manufacturing or packaging process in a simulated work environment with minimum investment and zero risk. everis Usix reduces times, costs and risks. With everis Usix, technicians can interact, explore and learn about a specific product in a safe, controlled environment since it uses an immersive Virtual Reality solution.

How does everis Usix work and what is its objective?

In the current market context, PLM solutions provide support for all industry processes required to release a product, from the initial product idea or requirements management through manufacturing, maintenance and support. Several key processes, such as assembly, manufacturing and maintenance, rely on operatives who must have a deep understanding of the product and each of the production processes. This knowledge can be gained through training but would mean an added expense and work-related risks for industrial companies, which can be reduced using Virtual Reality.


Our objective


By using the latest immersive technologies, we strive to digitalize the learning process to reduce times, costs and risks linked to training specialized staff. To this end, we place the user at the center of the process and employ our own methodology, thus creating a solution that offers a unique, enriching experience.

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