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Today’s consumer is more rational, less loyal and more unpredictable, empowered by the easy access to information and social networks. The use of mobile devices, the internet, apps and all things digital, has revolutionised the spending habits and the expectation of the consumer. They expect transparent pricing, high standard service and quality, convenience and a consistent experience across all channels.


The retail sector is highly competitive and companies need to find new models to differentiate themselves from their competitors. At the same time companies need to improve operations to deliver faster and be more efficient.


Several trends can be seen in this changing retail sector:


Anytime, anywhere, anything: Retailers are changing their business models and underlying technologies are enabling omnichannel strategies which create consistency across channels and give customers access to shop 24/7. The ability to shop 24/7, from any location through any channel is supported by ‘one-touch retail’ initiatives that make information more easily accessible to customers and provide a smooth user experience along the shopping journey.


Personalisation: Powered by the vast amounts of data and supported by technological advances (e.g. Big Data & Analytics), retailers can offer personalised products and personalised marketing to better target and serve their customers.


Retailtainment: Technological innovations are bridging the gap between online and physical stores, improve the in-store customer experience and help drive footfall.


Revolution in logistics: Retailers are transforming logistics to optimise the flow of products and their availability, gathering data to support the above mentioned strategies and respond more quickly to business requirements.


At everis we provide a wide range of services to support retailers in this period of transformation, all driven by digital, ecommerce and technological innovations. We help our customers to increase their sales and develop their image. Our innovative initiatives focus on developing a better understanding of the end consumer and improving their shopping experience, while aiming for cost efficiencies throughout the organisation (processes and systems) to react quickly to new business requirements.


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everis MyShopp




everis launches MyShopp, a solution that accelerates digital transformation and enables retailers to respond to new consumer habits. 


It is focused on improving the client experience with the brand, making it more intuitive and natural, using innovative technologies.


everis MyShopp is based on a scalable and modular mobile platform in continual innovation.