Turning our customers into data-driven companies

With the customer now at the heart of everything we do, we need innovative data and digital strategies to deliver more flexible and market-oriented processes. In a sector where barriers to entry have enabled steady growth and a sustainable increase in market share, being agile and creating disruptive solutions that open the door to new customers is vital to survival. At everis, our experience, based on flexibility and knowledge, gained through engagements in 13 countries, brings best of breed practices to service the Insurance sector.


From operations to underwriting, claim management, technical infrastructure and outsourcing solutions. Our Digital transformation, Big Data&Analytic services, cloud, BPO and alliances with software solutions create integrated solutions for the Insurance industry. Supported by teams of multidisciplinary professionals working with just one goal: the customer’s success.


Working as a strategic partner for the specialist insurance market and supported by development Centres of Excellence, everis has significant industry experience in Data Management and Digital transformation – used to deliver the greatest benefits to our customers’ businesses.


everis is an active supporter of InsTechLondon – promoting innovation in the insurance market.


Innovative strategies for a changing environment

Did you know that 90% of insurtech investment in the year 2019 went to companies that use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Cloud and Mobile applications? We discuss the key points of the “Insurtech Global Outlook” with Richard Calvo, leader of the Insurtech Project at everis. 



Finbow by everis




The increase in the life expectancy is leading to a revision of the current financial and insurance model. In this context, ensuring the financial sustainability of the population is essential, which entails complementing public pensions. To do that it is necessary developing a correct financial planning in the short, medium and long term.


everis Finbow offers precise simulations of users’ financial life, considering the main events that could have a direct impact on the stability of the family economy. This supports financial and insurance organizations to propose the most suitable solution for their clients