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Connecting things to transform the world

IoT is the evolution of the internet. In 2020 there will be four times more devices connected to the internet than people. 


The Internet of Things is revolutionising the world. Its consolidation in transforming business processes, predictive maintenance capabilities and improved asset utilisation increase productivity, optimise processes in real time and optimise companies’ value chains. It also positively affects all human processes, the environment and all relationships.


Its ability to enable the creation of new business models is undeniable. Through remote data monitoring, capture and scalability and by creating IaaS solutions and models, new relationship models are established with different stakeholders in the value chain (customers, consumers, citizens, etc.).


everis covers areas in the entire IoT value chain, ranging from defining the business model (Pay per Use, sensor integration scenarios, use cases in prevention, etc.) to detailing knowledge infrastructure, IoT technology and solution areas.


It is committed to driving growth by optimising quality, productivity and reliability while reducing risks and costs, which will improve relationships with customers and citizens through a differentiated value proposition.

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Javier Rodríguez Molowny

Global IoT Partner

Javier Rordríguez Molowny is Managing Partner at the everis’ Madrid office and Global IoT Partner. He holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Javier joined everis in 1997 and since then has hold several high-responsibility positions in Banking, Outsourcing and Utilities & Energy Europe. He has also spent ten years working at the everis’ offices in Colombia, Brazil and Chile.