smart remote treatment

Smart Remote Treatment (SRT), by everis health

The SRT Project (Personalized Medicine for Lithium-Based treatments in Bipolar Disorder) is developing a whole solution for improving treatments in patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Based on patients’ lifestyle (physical activity, sleep quality, etc.) and biological features (gender, weight, etc.) the system guides clinicians into a personalized prescription.  


About Lithium, it is one of the most extended drugs in bipolar disorder treatment and it helps keeping patients stable and reducing mood changes. On the other hand, non-adherence is associated with decreased likelihood of achieving remission as well as increased risk of relapse, recurrence or even hospitalization.


In order to avoid these difficulties, in these days where efficiency is especially important in healthcare environment, innovative solutions are necessary to provide personalized treatments that can improve patients’ life quality. In this sense, SRT faces his improvement-objective from three different points of view:


- Estimation of the best drug dose for an objective Lithemia (Lithium concentration in blood twelve hours after the intake) and calculation of this Lithemia result. This functionality works as a Clinical Decision Support System or as an automatic prescribing tool.


- Graphical interface so that clinicians can show patients how lifestyle affects their treatment. This follows a patient-empowerment strategy where they can take their own decisions about improvements in the treatment.


- Connected patient evolves treatment into a real-time solution wearing an activity-monitoring wristband and using a skin patch for both Lithium-in-blood monitoring and drug administration.


everis is a partner in a consortium of companies created for developing the Project. From a technological point of view, it will develop the complete technical platform need for collecting and processing information. Additionally, it will develop the AI models necessary for helping the clinicians find the best treatment for each patient.