Research & Ideation

Market Intelligence 

This is an AI-driven technological and market radar based that provides insights for decision making and enables a starting point for innovation processes. 

Digital Experience 

At the Digital Experience Research Centre we help companies fully understand the expectations of end users in order to create and optimise digital solutions to meet their business, communication and technology needs. 

We also conduct the ‘User in Tech Research Series’, a set of research projects which aim to understand the end user’s motivations and barriers when interacting with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice assistants. As a result, we create actionable guidelines to design products and solutions which truly respond to users’ needs and emotions. + INFO 


We facilitate sessions by using innovation methodologies and tools that boost collaborative working. 

Idea generation and incubation 

We conduct idea generation initiatives to respond to specific market challenges. Furthermore, we have an intensive coaching and advisory programme to assess and incubate ideas using different methodological itineraries.