everis and DevStat support the European Commission by identifying COVID-19 related healthcare suppliers at a global level
Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

everis and DevStat, in collaboration with the European Commission, have generated a qualified list of suppliers of COVID-19 related medical equipment.

This pro-bono initiative aims at supporting the European Commission’s priority to safeguard the health and well-being of European citizens by coordinating with Member States and facilitate the supply of medical equipment.

Medical equipment such as medical ventilators, testing kits, x-ray and health monitoring machines are vital for hospitals, healthcare professionals, patients, field workers and civil protection authorities.

The generation of a qualified list of COVID-19 related medical suppliers is based on international public procurement data. Microdata acquired by everis and DevStat for the European Commission in previous projects, as well as the open platform TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), supplied the public procurement databases of providers at the European and international level.

The result of this effort is a list, contact details, certifications and characteristics of suppliers that can be contacted to enable the purchase of such equipment and supplies. Given the challenges that the public sector faces in the current situation, the strategic support provided through solutions applicable to real crisis situations are vital for making decisions quickly.

Oscar Abril, Head of Public Sector at everis has stated ‘Being able to deliver solutions that face in a more effective way European Commission’s challenges derived from COVID-19, is something that makes us feel very proud. We have been able to deliver a solid medical equipment suppliers’ list thanks to our previous projects, as well as the union of the knowledge of the public procurement market with technological solutions in the use of information.’

Figure 1: Process to obtain the medical equipment suppliers list from public procurement data

The initiative involves everis’ Business and Public Sector teams, as well as our statistical expert partner DevStat. everis’ assets, ADA (Acquisition Digital Assistant) and DATALAIA, were used to facilitate the intake of millions public procurement contracts and to generate of the list of potential suppliers.

This initiative, which combines knowledge of the public procurement market with technological solutions in the use of information, is also part of ongoing efforts both companies are undertaking to support global actions aimed at protecting people's health and safety related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.