everis to coordinate a European initiative aimed to improve patient diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence
Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

everis coordinates DeepHealth, a European initiative funded within the Horizon 2020 programme, whose objective is to address the health sector’s needs and to help doctors in their daily work.

DeepHealth will use High Performance Computing to improve biomedical applications, applying forefront features based on Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to deliver new efficient tools for diagnosis, monitoring and disease treatment. The initiative, active until December 2021, will be funded with 12 million Euro and will have 21 partners from 9 EU countries, representing key sector players such as health organisations, research centres and industrial partners.

DeepHealth’s objective is to offer a unified, flexible, scalable and adapted framework. The idea is to combine High Performance Computing with Big Data environments to improve the scope of work of medical professionals regarding biomedical image labelling and processing, as well as AI model training. This project includes the development of two new free softwares and open source libraries: the European Distributed Deep Learning Library (EDDLL) and the European Computer Vision Library (ECVL). The two libraries will be integrated in 7 already existing biomedical platforms, both commercial and research-oriented.

Deep Health: 14 cases of use

DeepHealth will be evaluated and validated through 14 use cases embracing 3 related health areas: neurological diseases, tumour detection and early stage cancer prediction, as well as through digital pathology and automated image labelling.

In this project, everis will provide its technical knowledge and experience in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services development. For this purpose, the consultancy firm will use its Artificial Intelligence platform, everis Lumen AI suite that will be evolved and used in different use cases related to diseases such as Alzheimer and skin cancer, among others.

The impact of DeepHealth will be both vertical, through its direct application to the health sector; and horizontal through the development of technological areas such as High Performance Computing, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Cloud Computing, whose progress will benefit companies and institutions from other sectors.