everis drives its global solutions strategy with the launch of the Syntphony platform
Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

everis is committed to driving and strengthening its global solutions strategy with the Syntphony platform, a model that creates an ecosystem with own products, third-party solutions, large alliances and integrators. All aimed at a multiple-sector target market.

With the objective of increasing organizations’ efficiency in terms of time and cost, two essential concepts in the current situation that entail a competitive advantage, the platform establishes a modular ecosystem of business solutions, with technology as the base and at the center. 

‘The Syntphony platform orchestrates everis solutions with dedicated teams and the investment required to ensure continuous evolution at the pace of the innovation and efficiency challenges that customers demand. The great advantage provided by everis with this platform is the capacity to create and incorporate products with increasingly more different ‘combinations’ suitable for every customer, in the shortest time possible and with the greatest cost efficiency. We want customers to find an agile growth model in Syntphony that meets their needs, with an offering of solutions that are progressively more extensive and flexible’ explains José Luis Albentosa, partner and manager of everis Products.

An example of some of the solutions available for different fields are eVa, (AI-based enterprise conversational platform to create and manage virtual agents); Everilion (cloud platform for retail sales solutions, payment methods, loyalty and innovative demand generation); ehCOS Remote (solution for the health sector to alleviate pressure at hospital complexes); Clonika (platform that combines RPA automation with other technologi es in a highly-modular solution); Finbow (financial-actuary planner so that financial institutions and insurance companies can provide their customers with solutions to protect their financial wellbeing and peace-of-mind in all stages of their lives). 

Multiple benefits with a global scope

At present, everis Syntphony solutions have been rolled out in 11 countries, providing service to over 350,000 users at more than 50 large companies. 

The own and third-party applications integrated on the platform are accessible under different business and deployment models (SaaS and on-premise), providing greater agility and flexibility for its adoption at companies, accelerating the efficiency of equipment, unblocking access to new opportunities, and maximizing the best experience in relations with customers and suppliers. 

The everis model encourages teams to bring together the very best talent, and it has the professional value and experience of people who are 100% centered on the creation and ongoing evolution of every product in several regions of the world. 

Thus, the company will continue relying on its national and international partners to strengthen the ecosystem of both integrators and resellers, and the partners providing solutions, thus enabling the platform’s scope to be increased.

With this strategy, everis, along with the NTT Group it belongs to, aims to reach new strategic regions and enterprises, doubling its market presence in the next three years.