everis integrates biometrics facial recognition with Mirasys’ Video Management Software
Thursday, 23 November, 2017

The Security Division of everis Aerospace, Defense and Security and Mirasys have recently launched the first Video Management Software (VMS) with an integrated native facial recognition solution. This new product includes the biometrics technology developed by Herta Security, one of the companies of the everis Aerospace, Defense and Security group.

everis Aerospace, Defense and Security’s new innovation involves a qualitative leap in the high security market. everis and Mirasys offer a product that will make security tasks easier by automatising face recognition. The integration of Herta and Mirays’s technologies increases safety and provides our clients with a reliable and advanced solution.

Herta’s facial recognition does not require collaboration of the subject due to the generation of synthetic faces from different angles. Thanks to the use of high performance GPU technology the system works even in situations in which the face is not clearly registered, including partial occultation, lighting, glasses or beard.

Mirasys is one of the leading providers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS) for IP and analog camera surveillance applications and systems. We develop and supply solutions that help organisations manage and utilise information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras.