everis in Interledger Workshop at Blockchain Expo
Tuesday, 30 May, 2017

Next 1st and 2nd of June, everis, together with Ripple, will be at Berlin in the Interledger Workshop at Blockchain Expo. Both companies are developing together the Interledger Java software, and during the event they will show the progress of this project.

The Interledger Workshop at the Blockchain Expo will include presentations and discussions hosted by the community and inventors of the Interledger protocol. From basic introductions to a deep dive into the live network, we'll cover the latest specifications and walk through the most up to date reference implementations.

AGENDA - Day 1 - Workshop

09:15 - Introductions and Welcome

09:30 - An introduction to the Interledger Protocol and the project so far

10:00 - KEYNOTE: How micropayments will change the world - Stefan Thomas (CTO - Ripple)

90% of all data that has ever been created was created in the last two years according to IBM. Stefan believes that the same kind of revolution is about to happen for payments. Semi-autonomous bots will engage on our behalf in ultra-high-speed economies and our lives will be transformed as a result.

10:45 - Break

11:00 - Building the live Interledger network with ILP Kit and Connector.land

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - Update on Crypto-Conditions

13:45 - A walkthrough of the Interledger Java implementation

14:00 - DEMO: Ledger plugins and existing integrations (Ethereum, Ripple and more)

14:30 - DEMO: Gatehub ledger plugins and APIs

15:00 - Interledger and the W3C Web Payments APIs

15:15 - Break

15:30 - The challenges ahead for the Interledger protocol: Routing heuristics etc.

16:00 - Planning for hackathon

AGENDA - Day 2 - Hackathon

Open agenda based on discussion from Day 1.

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