everis reduces its CO2 emissions by 9% and obtains the Calculo seal for its work against climate change
Thursday, 24 September, 2020

In the fifth anniversary since the United Nations General Assembly approved the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITECO) awarded everis the Calculo seal. A recognition of its commitment to the effective administration of risks stemming from climate change.

This appreciation was awarded to the company after registration of its carbon footprint in the Carbon Footprint Registry and its reduction of emissions was verified that it achieved in the last fiscal year.

This reduction—0.7 tons of carbon dioxide per employee in Spain, an 8.75% year-on-year decrease—is the result of the company’s hard work, which has implemented energy efficiency measures at its headquarters, and its employees, who committed to using resources responsibly and to adopting measures such as the priority use of public transportation to travel to work.

everis Engineering, a subsidiary of the everis Group specializing in the environment and sustainability, has been responsible for advising the multinational on the process to calculate, verify and register its emissions in the Ministry’s official registry. It was also in charge of managing the risks arising from climate change, improving its positioning and extending climate management to all company operations, increasing its efficiency and differentiation.

In addition, the everis Engineering Climate Change Division designed the everis Emissions Reduction Plan, a document that establishes mitigation actions and the priority objectives that it must fulfil with the aim of decreasing the multinational’s total emissions by 2021.

Thus, the measures proposed within the plan are those oriented at transitioning toward a renewable energy-based energy model, the review and optimization of HVAC systems and the criteria to improve efficiency and wellbeing at the facilities and to reduce emissions during displacements.

This last issue is one of those that the company is maximizing for 2021 and for which it is working along two broad action lines. The first of them is centered on promoting teleworking, where the goal is to increase the percentage of employees who are part of a regulated teleworking program. This measure’s outcome will be a reduction in daily trips to the workplace, which will translate into an annual decrease in emissions of approximately 400,000 tons of CO2. The second measure’s aim is to reduce travel, particularly in airplanes, as this mode has had the greatest impact on the environment, replacing flying with online meetings.

Climate Action, diversity and equality, and quality education, everis goals

This event took place in the UN Sustainable Development Goals’s anniversary celebration framework, a total of 17 global goals aimed to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all people in the world, as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be reached in the next 15 years.

As spotlighted by the data on the company’s carbon footprint, everis is working on the SDG dedicated to climate action, developing strategies and plans aimed at reducing its emissions throughout the world, adapting measures to climate change in the area of energy efficiency.

Moreover, with regard to the diversity goal, everis is considering increasing the presence of women at the senior management positions, balancing their numbers at all levels of the organization, as well as favoring the inclusion of people with disabilities. Concrete actions are also being developed in several diversity groups: culture, the LGBT+ group and also professional profiles.

The action framework of the company stipulates raising awareness on diversity and inclusion, specific actions in people processes (recruiting, promotions, training), making local actions visible and supporting them for stakeholders (STEAM, inclusion plan for disability, gender and culture), as well as fostering people circles (groups self-managed by employees on topics of shared interest, with the aim of co-understanding and weaving a support network).

With regard to education, everis is creating proposals related to digitizing teaching, virtual platforms, the design and development of e-learning contents and collaborative learning via virtual environments. In the eminently university field, everis cooperates on multiple initiatives, including: open doors day at the everis office, cross-cutting workshops, sponsorship of the best transcripts. everis also has different scholarships available to the university ecosystem, as a way of helping students join the workforce.

The company also promotes social initiatives like #girlsgonna, started with everis’s aim to support the important mission of shrinking the gender gap in the digital sector.

This initiative is addressed to families and the teaching community. With the CLOQQ platform (Create What You Want), it commits to initiatives that prepare young talent and new generations in the STEAM fields. To this end, it organizes hands-on digital creation workshops for children and their families that stimulate kids’ interest in technological careers.