everis signs a contract with eu-LISA and Frontex to create a platform that supports policies in the freedom, security and justice domain
Wednesday, 03 March, 2021

ecos consortium, led by everis, part of NTT DATA Group, have signed a framework contract with the European agencies eu-LISA and Frontex under Lot 3 of the Transversal Engineering Framework (TEF).

The framework contract, valued at 442M€, brings together the expertise of both agencies and ecos consortium, which will implement innovative approaches based on market trends and cutting-edge technologies, like AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Thus, the single platform will promote modern, efficient, elastic and dynamic designs and evolutions of the current infrastructure within the standards set by eu-LISA and will have an as-a-service orientation, becoming infrastructure and platform services provider for the applications whilst efficiently managing the evolution of the platform.

This award confirms the consortium led by everis as a key player in the Public Safety sector, deploying a very ambitious infrastructure platform to support the border management and public safety policies of the EU.

eu-LISA has very challenging strategic objectives in the coming years, not only to continue to grow as a contributor to and implementing partner for the EU in the relevant policies in the freedom, security and justice domain, but also to extend its role as an ICT centre of excellence and service provider. Aligned with this strategy, ecos, formed by everis, CANCOM, OTE and Sopra Steria will support eu-LISA designing and providing an infrastructure platform that will provide services that can be deployed across the board of any of the current and future systems.

José Luis del Amo, eu-LISA Business partner at everis states that “this award reinforces the close collaboration with eu-LISA and opens new opportunities to work with Frontex. Furthermore, it is a huge step for everis. In particular for our commitment with the French market. We are willing to attract new local talent to keep on providing high quality services”.