everis to take part in Hyperledger Member Summit
Friday, 28 September, 2018

everis will be taking part in this year's Hyperledger Member Summit, premier event for the Hyperledger community, set to take place between the 1st and 2nd of October in Montreal. 

This year, Roberto Fernández Hergueta, Global Head of Blockchain at everis, and Miguel Angel Villarroel Alburjas, Head of Blockchain and API Strategy Services Madrid, will be representing the firm at the event with two roundtables and a conference. 

Fernández Hergueta will be sharing a case study on deploying Hyperledger in a project with Valencia Port on the first day of the event. He will be joined by Circulor, CULedger and Medicalchain who will discuss challenges and opportunities they have faced in applying Hyperledger frameworks to real business scenarios including healthcare, shipping, credit unions and supply chain and its impact.

Meanwhile, Villarroel will be taking part in the roundtable "Future of Blockchain: Research and Innovation" on October 2nd to share everis' vision of the future of Blockchain as a service. This debate will look into the opportunities blockchain has brought across sectors and take a step further to see what more it will bring in upcoming years for more unexpected cases.