everis works with the EULEN Group to accelerate the transition from Lean Manufacturing to Lean Services
Thursday, 15 October, 2020

We are surrounded by endless changes in business processes. Although the current global pandemic has accelerated change in different models towards greater efficiency, there are some companies that have been working on achieving more competitive models for years.

In this setting, everis is collaborating with the EULEN Group in its third wave of the Lean Services Solutions Project, with the purpose of driving forward and continuing to implement this change of model for managing services and internal processes, based on Lean Methodology. The EULEN Group started this transformation in 2008, taking the first steps in one of the company’s areas, a company project endorsed by its steering committee since 2018. Thus, thanks to the satisfactory results already achieved, the EULEN Group is now handling the challenge of continuing to build and provide value to its customers, via its project Lean Services Solutions, where everis was the partner selected to work with the company on this third wave. The objective of the Spanish multinational services company is to improve processes in the scope of operations and in the internal management of all company areas.

Lean Methodology, originally applied to industrial processes, is employed as a differential value to improve the organizational efficiency at any type of enterprise, including services. Thus, the Lean Services Solutions has the common goal of creating value in internal processes and improving the value offering for its customers.

Despite being a company project, it is also a benchmark for transferring the Lean Manufacturing model to a Lean Services model. Thus, the project’s third wave—in which everis is participating—has a scope of 35 internal projects in the field of operations, focusing on improving the standardization and efficiency of processes, another revolutionary twist for the cultural transformation of the Group’s employees.

According to José Luis Morato Gómez, Senior Manager of Digital Industry at everis: “this project positions us as a benchmark of operational excellence, providing leadership to the implementation of the Lean philosophy and Six Sigma to operations, but also to the world of services, via the use of different Lean tools to reduce several limitations to productivity. These include wastefulness in business management, as well as improving the variability of the service provided both to external and internal customers. When the 30-plus projects led by EULEN are finished, the project will also generate economic savings, but above all, continue immersing all company departments in this philosophy.”

On the other hand, Guillermo Pérez Morales, Lean Leader Champion of the Lean Services Solutions Project and Technical Director of Auxiliary Services at the EULEN Group, explains that “right now we are implementing the third Lean wave and, after these years the project has been running, I believe that the main key to Lean Services Solutions is the vision of adapting the Lean Manufacturing Culture and Tools most typical of the industrial sector to the world of services, although not only in the field of operations such as Inhouse Logistics Services, but in any company department (Marketing, ICT, personnel administration…), driving forward a new model called Lean Services. In short, the Lean Services Project represents a pure business vision, by building the future from the present with the commitment of the EULEN Group to keep improving its management model and its processes, both internal and those for its customers.”