Phase II of the Cognitive Contact Center to be showcased at TM Forum 2019 in Nice
Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Following last year’s Catalyst project, phase 2 of the Cognitive Contact Center is set to be presented at this year’s TM Forum on May 14th in Nice.

The project, initially focused on AI and NLP technologies and based on the everis Virtual Agent (eVA), has evolved to also leverage Data Analytics, RPA, a micro services event-driven architectural pattern and a multi-bot ecosystem.

The solution, championed by Telefónica and led by everis, provides an omnichannel and conversational approach to customer interaction management and serves as end-to-end process orchestrator. It also includes technologies from VERBIO, Blueprism, Nokia and newcomer Salesforce.

everis will ensure the integration of all its components to achieve a stronger customer-centric approach.

For more information, please visit the event site.