Healthcare Providers Can Better Detect and Triage COVID-19 Cases with NTT DATA’s AI Image Diagnostic Solution
Friday, 16 October, 2020

NTT DATA, a recognized leader in global technology services, today announced a solution to help the healthcare industry train artificial intelligence (AI) to detect COVID-19 and accelerate care triage using AI for image diagnostic support. This solution is free to NTT DATA clients and registered researchers who are using chest imaging to help identify asymptomatic patients and track disease progression.

NTT DATA’s Nucleus for Unified Clinical Architecture (UCA), one of the world’s largest hybrid cloud-based imaging archives, allows providers around the world to contribute anonymized COVID-19 studies to promote research and development of image diagnostic technologies with the use of AI. This data collection effort is an important step toward removing bias in AI training and algorithm evaluation to increase accuracy, detect COVID-19 anomalies and understand pathological properties.

This repository of images is predicated on UCA’s Advocate AI offering, a solution designed to accelerate scientific discovery for developers and providers so they can evaluate AI in all types of clinical imaging. Healthcare providers benefit from this solution which brings together registered users for training and evaluation of AI tools through high quality curated public imaging studies and licensed anonymized studies.

“This public effort around data collection and AI is yet another of our solutions helping in the fight against COVID-19 and reducing the strain on our healthcare system – top priorities for NTT DATA,” said Mary Edwards, President, Healthcare, NTT DATA Services. “By integrating AI into the imaging workflow, we’re lessening the burden of information sharing and enabling decision support to increase speed of diagnoses.”

Visit NTT DATA’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response Portfolio website to learn more about the company’s comprehensive suite of services to help fight COVID-19.