NTT DATA announces the second part of their series Wake Up
Wednesday, 08 May, 2019

NTT DATA have launched the second season of their series Wake Up which addresses six key digital focus areas they have identified for their clients to accelerate their digital journey: data and intelligence, intelligent automation, cybersecurity, IT optimization, Internet of Things and customer experience.

The video series “Wake Up 2” will help viewers better understand the company's own focus areas in a futuristic, engaging storyline in which protagonist Adam and his AI assistant Entity work together in all aspects of his life. 

While Adam is the lead character in NTT DATA's Wake Up videos, Entity plays the main supporting role. Entity, a fictional Artificial Intelligence voice assistant, provides real-time interaction and access to key technologies, including their six focus areas. A symbol of the technology’s amazing potential, Entity is the power behind Adam - which also represents NTT DATA’s efforts to position how they provide the power that helps enable their clients’ success through technology and innovation.

Watch all 6 episodes here.